Two Years.

By Anjola 2 years. That’s how long it’s been since we’d been apart. Over the course of that time, we’d drifted apart and attempted to get closer again, but never once reaching the closeness we used to have. For days, I’d wished for this moment- a time when we could finally get what we used … Continue reading Two Years.

#TheBYJOLAAGuide to Self-Publishing

At the beginning of 2020, I finally published my first novel after a year and a half of tirelessly working on the manuscript (Fun fact- I actually designed the cover🔥). It’s been exactly a year now, and in this first #BYJOLAAGuideTo..., I share my experience with self-publishing and four top tips if you’re ever thinking … Continue reading #TheBYJOLAAGuide to Self-Publishing


I’m finally happy to announce that my debut Novel, TẸJÚMỌLÁ, is now out! What better time to announce this than on my birthday! Unconsciously, I’ve developed a habit of skipping through achievements and not allowing time for each one to soak in, but this is one I’m going to take time to get used to! … Continue reading LIFE UPDATE (4): IT’S MY BIRTHDAY + I WROTE A BOOK!