MeLawsKpop The year is 2019, it’s my birthday and I published my blog- Yaay... but it all went downhill. Dear Reader, I'm Foyin. Welcome to MeLawsKpop A little background story about Me. I travelled abroad for a Law degree and I completely wasted my time by utilising the WiFi for nothing else but movies and entertainment. Now you read a … Continue reading RE-INTRODUCING ME | MELAWSKPOP

THE ‘BIG 3’ OF KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT: Do they define the Artists’ Success?

Article by Foyinsolami Asiyanbi. The globalisation of Korean Pop has in recent times “taken off” again. Previously, international fans discovered K-pop after watching K-dramas whereby they liked the Original Sound Tracks and seamlessly found themselves listening to K-pop as well- well, that’s how I got into K-pop. But now fans discover K-pop through news, musical platforms and social media. … Continue reading THE ‘BIG 3’ OF KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT: Do they define the Artists’ Success?


Article by Molokwu Dayan The entertainment industry of South Korea is quite unique from the rest of the world's, one special yet major aspect is the Korean pop music famously known as Kpop. It is a structured almost cartel-like system that creates idols from aspiring individuals desiring to be artists, with the leaders in the … Continue reading AN INSIGHT INTO KPOP TRAINING | GUEST POST

Welcome to My K-World!

어서와! 바이절라은 처음 이지? From KDramas, to Kpop, to K-music and K-news, join me in this journey of bringing you reviews, opinions and reactions in the most personal and dramatic ways possible! First things first, head over to my Instagram page (@iambyjola) and watch my latest video on ‘My Top 5 KDrama Actors’. Here’s to … Continue reading Welcome to My K-World!