It’s Still Not ‘Just’ Hair| Being Black S2 E5

Welcome to Black History Month! This month is a period of time for black people to be celebrated, have our achievements acknowledged and our culture appreciated, not appropriated. Cultural appropriation | noun the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more … Continue reading It’s Still Not ‘Just’ Hair| Being Black S2 E5

If Coloured, Mark RED! | Being Black S2 E4

It is common knowledge that home ownership is a significant factor and catalyst of wealth creation. Not only do homes serve as ‘safe’ long term investments, they also open doors (no pun intended) to home-owners to acquire loans which can later be used to pay off debts or children's education-- (however, this is generally advised as risky!). Unfortunately,black and ethnic minority communities in … Continue reading If Coloured, Mark RED! | Being Black S2 E4

Everything Has Changed…

2020 has been an rollercoaster, a warped mixture of both good and bad. This year has cornered us and whilst everyone is making an effort to remain positive and mimic some sense of normalcy, so many things still remain distorted. For most people, this year has disrupted both the mundane and any thrilling prospects they … Continue reading Everything Has Changed…

You Nice, Keep Going

Like I answered to someone when we were having an discussion on gender inequality to the question "have you ever experienced it?", I believe you don't have to experience something before you are concerned about it. The phrase "it can never be me" can be you at any time. Let us learn, we are all humans and shouldn't be treated as less.