HIGHER | #FaithDiaries

Have we become like the biblical triple ‘S’- Like Solomon, giving our self-made idols prominence over God and bowing to the pressures of the rest of the world to deviate from God. Or perhaps more like Saul, enjoying the spoils of the earth while ignoring the will of God or maybe our type is more … Continue reading HIGHER | #FaithDiaries


Article by Glory Ayara I've laboured long and hard for the bread, for honour, and for riches, But on my corn too long you've tread, You fine-haired sons of bitches.  These are the words uttered by the famous western outlaw Black Bart, although slightly out of context, his words resonate with me as I observe the situation of things in my country Nigeria. I … Continue reading ARGH! | #SARSMUSTEND


I’m finally happy to announce that my debut Novel, TẸJÚMỌLÁ, is now out! What better time to announce this than on my birthday! Unconsciously, I’ve developed a habit of skipping through achievements and not allowing time for each one to soak in, but this is one I’m going to take time to get used to! … Continue reading LIFE UPDATE (4): IT’S MY BIRTHDAY + I WROTE A BOOK!