By Taffie's Space She had always resented the possibility of becoming a cliché but had no qualms with admitting she had found her soulmate. The concept of a soulmate and all that came with it, was something she had always thought would be foreign to her. She remembered reaching out, craving the feeling but her … Continue reading Bonded

Bite-sized Happiness |

When someone asks, “what makes you happy?”, we tend to try and create a vision of things which seem overly worthy of our happiness. We have inadvertently programmed ourselves to think that if the thing of choice doesn’t measure up to a certain standard then it is not worth mentioning at all. Without sounding mawkish, … Continue reading Bite-sized Happiness |

It’s Still Not ‘Just’ Hair| Being Black S2 E5

Welcome to Black History Month! This month is a period of time for black people to be celebrated, have our achievements acknowledged and our culture appreciated, not appropriated. Cultural appropriation | noun the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more … Continue reading It’s Still Not ‘Just’ Hair| Being Black S2 E5

Everything Has Changed…

2020 has been an rollercoaster, a warped mixture of both good and bad. This year has cornered us and whilst everyone is making an effort to remain positive and mimic some sense of normalcy, so many things still remain distorted. For most people, this year has disrupted both the mundane and any thrilling prospects they … Continue reading Everything Has Changed…


Taffie’s Space She appeared to curl into herself, holding her knees to her chest and her head just as close. Every so often, she’d lift her chin to peer at him – sprawled across the mattress – and admire him for a moment. She always told him that he wore his confidence in his smile, … Continue reading CONSENT | TAFFIE’S SPACE


Taffie’s Space She felt physical pain when her effort was disregarded. For a long time, she’d strenuously tried to push open doors that felt as if they’d been locked just for her and come to no avail. Some people didn’t know that feeling. They didn’t know what it was like to see everything you longed … Continue reading BLACK | TAFFIE’S SPACE