Okay, so here’s the deal. Life is hard. Being SINGLE and a WOMAN is harder. Graduating from undergrad opens the floodgates of the “So what next?” question. But in reality, when that question comes from these Nigerian aunties and uncles, they’re really asking you “so when will you marry? (Will it be this year, or … Continue reading Episode 1: Life as a DEMANDING SINGLE WOMAN

The Blame GAME | Faith Diaries #3

Going back to creation and how sin entered the world when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of Good and Evil, and God asked Adam why he ate of the tree. His first instinct was to blame Eve, and from then on the blame game began. As human beings when caught in a wrong, … Continue reading The Blame GAME | Faith Diaries #3

Two Years.

By Anjola 2 years. That’s how long it’s been since we’d been apart. Over the course of that time, we’d drifted apart and attempted to get closer again, but never once reaching the closeness we used to have. For days, I’d wished for this moment- a time when we could finally get what we used … Continue reading Two Years.


By Anjola The first time I properly understood the true meaning of this word, I was listening to a song, ‘Placebo’ by a Korean rap group, ‘3RACHA’. Only as time progressed, resulting in an epiphany of listening to their lyrics on this song, I came to realise they weren’t merely musicians, but analysts and researchers. Why? The degree of … Continue reading PLACEBO


By Anjola Labels.   It’s what we put on everyone, it’s what we define others and ourselves by.  Labels.  It’s how our society works. The principle it’s unconsciously guided by, because people need a name, category or class to understand things. My skirt is too short. I’m a slut.   My skirt is too long. I’m a prude   My blouse is too cut low and … Continue reading IDENTIFY

10 Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Now

To all Korean drama fans, I come bearing gifts - Chinese dramas. For a while now, Korean dramas have not been interesting to me again so I turned to other Asian dramas like Thai, Japanese and Chinese dramas and found myself liking Chinese dramas. At first it was hard to listen to the language, but … Continue reading 10 Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Now

My Top Korean Dramas of 2020

Its safe to say that Nigerians really tuned into Korean shows this year once the pandemic hit, and we were all locked down at home with nothing to do except make videos for tiktok challenges or stay browsing on twitter. For some unusual reason I didn't watch a lot of ongoing dramas so this list … Continue reading My Top Korean Dramas of 2020

The 5 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: From Nigerian K-Poppers

This year was filled with a lot of downs, but fans of Korean music definitely didn't miss much in terms of song- it was a year of different concepts and discovering of new artists and genres of music. I have collaborated with two friends- all at various stages of listening to Korean music to bring … Continue reading The 5 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: From Nigerian K-Poppers