AN ODE TO 2020: Co-habiting with COVID-19

By Darlington Osayande. March 28, 2020 was the beginning of a new reality for me and for so many around the globe. I was getting geared up for MSc thesis defense but that never happened because a new “bad” sheriff was in town and unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for this new quiet but lethargic “cop” … Continue reading AN ODE TO 2020: Co-habiting with COVID-19

AN ODE TO 2020: Life During COVID

It was on a Friday news of the virus hit me for the first time. I was with friends when I started to get reports, calls and messages from family and friends in other locations. Reality didn’t hit until three days later when schools and all other public places began to shut down. Then it … Continue reading AN ODE TO 2020: Life During COVID

Bite-sized Happiness |

When someone asks, “what makes you happy?”, we tend to try and create a vision of things which seem overly worthy of our happiness. We have inadvertently programmed ourselves to think that if the thing of choice doesn’t measure up to a certain standard then it is not worth mentioning at all. Without sounding mawkish, … Continue reading Bite-sized Happiness |

ADRIAN’S LANE: The Conclusion

‘…We had a deal! We had a freaking deal, Adi you dimwit, and you dying on me is not a part of that deal! So, you better wake up before I smack the life out of you…’. Bernice was clearly distraught; this was the love of her life lying in front of her on life … Continue reading ADRIAN’S LANE: The Conclusion