K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Little late to the summer party, but I am not about to let this pass me by. It's that time of the year where the sun stays to play with us for a long time (Nigerians this isn't about you), and it can also be felt in the song releases; from love songs, to beach … Continue reading K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

10 Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Now

To all Korean drama fans, I come bearing gifts - Chinese dramas. For a while now, Korean dramas have not been interesting to me again so I turned to other Asian dramas like Thai, Japanese and Chinese dramas and found myself liking Chinese dramas. At first it was hard to listen to the language, but … Continue reading 10 Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Now

My Top Korean Dramas of 2020

Its safe to say that Nigerians really tuned into Korean shows this year once the pandemic hit, and we were all locked down at home with nothing to do except make videos for tiktok challenges or stay browsing on twitter. For some unusual reason I didn't watch a lot of ongoing dramas so this list … Continue reading My Top Korean Dramas of 2020

The 5 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: From Nigerian K-Poppers

This year was filled with a lot of downs, but fans of Korean music definitely didn't miss much in terms of song- it was a year of different concepts and discovering of new artists and genres of music. I have collaborated with two friends- all at various stages of listening to Korean music to bring … Continue reading The 5 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: From Nigerian K-Poppers


New comers to Korean dramas are sure to feel overwhelmed by the different dramas out there and will make decisions based on the popularity of the drama.

You Nice, Keep Going

Like I answered to someone when we were having an discussion on gender inequality to the question "have you ever experienced it?", I believe you don't have to experience something before you are concerned about it. The phrase "it can never be me" can be you at any time. Let us learn, we are all humans and shouldn't be treated as less.


AND YOU'RE GONNA BE HAPPY It's 00.00 o'clock, lol, joking it's actually 12:12 pm. Now that's a crazy coincidence. As I'm writing this we are having a mini workshop for our externship- court and chambers attachment. To be honest I'm just scribbling right now, nothing much on my mind. So, how are you taking the … Continue reading Scribbles