#TheBYJOLAAGuide to Self-Publishing

At the beginning of 2020, I finally published my first novel after a year and a half of tirelessly working on the manuscript (Fun fact- I actually designed the cover🔥). It’s been exactly a year now, and in this first #BYJOLAAGuideTo..., I share my experience with self-publishing and four top tips if you’re ever thinking … Continue reading #TheBYJOLAAGuide to Self-Publishing

HIGHER | #FaithDiaries

Have we become like the biblical triple ‘S’- Like Solomon, giving our self-made idols prominence over God and bowing to the pressures of the rest of the world to deviate from God. Or perhaps more like Saul, enjoying the spoils of the earth while ignoring the will of God or maybe our type is more … Continue reading HIGHER | #FaithDiaries

AN ODE TO 2020: Co-habiting with COVID-19

By Darlington Osayande. March 28, 2020 was the beginning of a new reality for me and for so many around the globe. I was getting geared up for MSc thesis defense but that never happened because a new “bad” sheriff was in town and unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for this new quiet but lethargic “cop” … Continue reading AN ODE TO 2020: Co-habiting with COVID-19

If Coloured, Mark RED! | Being Black S2 E4

It is common knowledge that home ownership is a significant factor and catalyst of wealth creation. Not only do homes serve as ‘safe’ long term investments, they also open doors (no pun intended) to home-owners to acquire loans which can later be used to pay off debts or children's education-- (however, this is generally advised as risky!). Unfortunately,black and ethnic minority communities in … Continue reading If Coloured, Mark RED! | Being Black S2 E4

Faith is Rising | PRAYER For NIGERIA | Faith Diaries #1

12-10-2020 On this day, at this very moment, I’m sat here completely and totally in awe of God, and in awe of the things he’s going to use this our generation to achieve. This weekend, we’ve seen the youths of Nigeria, regardless of background, ethnic differences and culture, coming together to achieve one common goal. … Continue reading Faith is Rising | PRAYER For NIGERIA | Faith Diaries #1