Great k-dramas i almost missed out on

It cannot be denied that the marketing of K-dramas is top tier. From casting news, teasers, fancy photo shoots and “cute” behind the scenes clips. But sometimes they just don’t work. Below is a list of k-dramas that I watched because of boredom or fan marketing- Instagram clips, and they turned out great.

  1. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me
Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me - Wikipedia

Kim Rae-won stars as Moon Soo-ho, a businessman in love with Shin Se-Kyung, a travel agent. Their love life has spanned hundreds of years and is filled with danger, with the cool-headed Moon Soo-ho ready to fight for his love.

At first, I liked nothing about Black Knight- not the teaser, the actors, or the story line. However I gave it a chance because I fell in love with the male leads voice, and I do not regret the 16+ hrs I spent on the drama (although Eleasha may beg to differ). I loved the love in this drama so much that I wrote about it here. It is a fantasy melodrama that will keep you glued to your screen till the end.

2. Hospital Playlist 1&2

Hospital Playlist follows the life of five friends from medical school to working as doctors.

Hospital Playlist is a medical drama that is so distinct from other k-medical dramas. I love medical dramas so much but was put off because… wait for it… I didn’t see enough blood and death. They just were not cutting people open enough for me. The drama focuses on the emotions of the patient’s family and how they always overcome – not a bad thing at all, but life is not that rosy. I know it’s a k-drama I’m talking about here, but come on, give me a bit of reality.

It’s also a musical drama because the main characters formed a band that performs almost every episode. Hence the name Hospital playlist. Their songs topped official charts in the South Korean music industry. Ultimately, the friendship of the main characters and their love lives made me stay. #Teamwintergardencoupleforlife.

3. Find Me in Your Memory

Find me in your memory tells the love story of an air-headed pretty actress who has forgotten her past, and a news anchor who is suffering from hyperthymesia- a condition that allows him to remember almost all his life experiences.

If you’re down for a calm and underrated drama that wouldn’t leave you pining for a second lead male, you should definitely watch Find me in your memory. I wasn’t interested in watching it because I wasn’t familiar with the works of the main characters, but I came across a clip on Instagram that got me curious. The drama is so pure- I don’t know if it’s the cinematography or the ambience of the lead characters, but it had a calm feel to it. The plot and chemistry were also on point, with the comedy not taking too much attention from the story.

4. True Beauty

True Beauty is your typical teenage romance drama. Rich, handsome, intelligent, but cold Lee Su-ho falls for Lim Joo-kyung, the new beautiful transfer student who hides behind a mask to escape her ugly past.

The second lead syndrome in this was too much for my fragile heart to bear. I fell for the second lead from a few clips I saw on Instagram. Yup, I had second lead syndrome before watching the drama. I mean, have you seen Hwang In-yeop in True Beauty?? Got bored, so I decided to give it a chance, and o boy, did I like it!!! Btw, Cha Eun-woo’s beauty can never fade, but Hwang In- yeop is my baby for life!!!

5. Prison Playbook

Kim Je-hyuk (Park Hae-soo), a successful baseball player finds himself in prison after beating up a man who harassed his sister. While in prison, he meets interesting characters in form of his fellow inmates and prison guards.

Prison playbook is not your classic k-drama or prison themed drama. I initially skipped this drama because I was expecting the violent survival mood we always see in prison themed dramas, but no, the writer gifted us with a dumb main character, funny inmates and understanding prison guards. Once you get past episode 1, you’ll know that you’re in for a great ride. P.S- The male lead is also in Squid Game 😉

6. Record of Youth

Park Bo-gum (Sa Hye-jun) is a struggling model who dreams of becoming a top actor despite the lack of support from his father, while Park So-dam (Ahn Jeong-ha) is a makeup artist. They fall in love and try to navigate the not so nice industry they find themselves in.

Believe it or not, the reason I wasn’t so inclined to watch this drama is because of the cinematography- the lighting was just too orange for my liking. Overall though, I’d score the drama 7/10. The plot was good- nothing too heavy, the actors acted well- they were not just pretty faces, and the dialogues were on point.

7. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Im Soo-hyang (Kang Mi-rae) ready to jet off to college decides to get plastic surgery after years of bullying in school over her physical appearance. With South Korean being dubbed the “plastic surgery capital of the world”, My ID is Gangnam Beauty sheds light on the unrealistic beauty standards in South Korea which leads people, both male and female to get plastic surgery.

Didn’t want to watch it because of Cha Eun-woo, but stayed till the end because of him. Let me explain. There’s this general dislike for idol actors, because often than not, they are not great at acting. Fans are of the opinion that Idols get acting roles because of their face and their already large following via their music fans. Cha Eun-woo proved the haters wrong in this drama. All in all, the actors aced their roles- especially the villain, and life lessons can be gotten from their dialogues. If you enjoyed True Beauty, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Which of the above listed k-dramas is your favourite? Which one will you give a try? Let me know in the comment section!

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