K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Little late to the summer party, but I am not about to let this pass me by.

It’s that time of the year where the sun stays to play with us for a long time (Nigerians this isn’t about you), and it can also be felt in the song releases; from love songs, to beach days and just lazy stay in themed songs.

  1. Dun Dun Dance- Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl has been on my radar since I heard Dolphin, and I’m proud to say they still have the summer and girly vibes that’s a tad bit scarce in the K-Pop scene nowadays. Dun dun dance is a refreshing and catchy song that will have you feeling the disco rhythm in your body. Might seem easy to sing, but the high notes are definitely hitting in this one.

2. Butter- BTS

I hereby crown BTS as the Kings of Summer songs. BTS is back with another English track after the success of Dynamite (Dynamite was my happy place during prep for my exams). Butter is everything and more that you’d expect from BTS- the dance moves, JK’s smile and just smooth like butter all round. I mean who doesn’t want to rock with Jimin under the moon ;).

3. Weekly- After School

After School is a refreshing track that takes us back to our teenage years. The years of young love; where eyes meet and turn away with a blush, where we dream of spending the days outside, but we’re stuck indoors watching Troy and Gabriella sing “what time is it? summer time, it’s our vacation.”

4. Hula Hoops – DPR LIVE (ft. BEENZINO, HWASA)

DPR Live is back with a refreshing summer track with no one else but Queen Hwasa and rapper Beenzino. Hula Hoops is a laid back track I’d definitely jam to with windows down on my way to the beach. Their soothing voices just get you into a r&b mood. Wasn’t sold on Hwasa’s part at first listen, but my people, she made it work. There’s nothing Hwasa can not do. I’d also recommend “I’m bad” by Hwasa ft. DPR LIVE.

5. Alcohol Free – Twice

Twice is back with another summer banger. With this track, Twice tells us about being drunk without having alcohol because they are drunk in you. Trust me though, Sana and Momo’s catchy chorus of champagne, wine, tequila, margarita, mojito with lime, sweet mimosa, and piña colada will have you wanting to tick off the list in your head. Watch out for the crab dance moves.

6. In The Morning- ITZY

ITZY came back with a girl crush attitude- stealing hearts here and there. In the Morning tells us of a back and forth game between would be lovers, but ultimately one creeps into the others heart like a mafia. They released this in time to accompany Vincenzo- if you know you know ;). Perfect song to dance to while cleaning your room- can use the broom stick as a gun.

7. ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)– TXT feat. Seori’

As much as we love a feel good summer song, there’s still someone there longing to be loved. TXT shows the dark side of love with this emo rock track. Its a good listen if you’re looking to lay on your bed and reminisce a past lost love.

8. Next Level- Aespa

SM’s new girl group Aespa loves us so much that they graced us with a two in one song. Yup, you read that right- two in one. As weird as it sounds it works. Aespa takes us out of space in their fight against the fictional black mamba from their first track titled “Black Mamba”. It is a remake of A$ton Wyld’s “Next Level”, a sound track for Fast and Furious.

9. Rollin’- Brave Girls

Rollin’ holds a special place in the hearts of Korean men during their service year. It was released in 2017, but only became popular this summer because of a compilation made by a soldier of their live performances which went viral. The song gives you a refreshing burst of energy, and the easy to follow flat fish dance step makes it more fun to move to.

Here you have it, 9 summer songs to add to your playlist. Which song will you be adding to your playlist? Let me know in the comments!!

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