Dear FUTURE ME | Faith Diaries #3

06-11-2019 10:55am

Dear Future Me,

I hope you’re reading this knowing you’ve achieved all you could achieve at the point you are.Do you remember how you’d prayed and prayed to get to where you are now? Nights of tears, bouts of frustration, episodes of negativity, yet you’re here today.

I hope you’ve not traded life and living for the short thrill achievement brings. Sure they’re good, but they’re not your ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is God. So once in a while, set out time to carry out honest self-examination and study yourself to make sure you haven’t done so. And if you have, re-examine your life and take a complete 180 to ensure you’re back on the right track.

You found God in your youth. That’s the biggest gift you could have ever received in your life and what already sets you apart from everyone. Hold on to God. Lean on God. Trust God. Remember that God calls you his friend, His own. Keep chasing the ways of God. Remember that when we seek God First and place Him in the centre of your life and treat everything else as secondary, then everything would fall into place at God’s own appointed time.

Pat yourself on the back as often as possible. Don’t overly focus on the future and what you want to do in the future if not you’d end up missing out on the present. Have a heart of gratitude. Look back once in a while and be thankful for everything you’ve gone through, all you’ve achieved by the grace and favour of God. Don’t be overly hard on yourself!

27.02.2021. 09:06am

Dear Future Me,

There is so much power in the you you’re becoming! Never give up on God, He’s still very much in the business of working his purpose out for those who believe. Let this year and the good things He’s done already be the start and continuation of a revival in your heart!

Love God fully, trust Him fully and in all your ways put Him first because there’s a blessing with doing so.

The 17 year old you would be so bloody proud of the person you’re becoming each day!

One response to “Dear FUTURE ME | Faith Diaries #3”

  1. what a sweet and loving affirmation!


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