Changes…| OSI ELAME

Changes…| OSI ELAME

One truth about life we all can agree on is change. Change is constant.

Everyday, at any given moment, the life of a human can be subject to change of any magnitude or dimension.

Love yeah, that thing cupid stirs up inside of you with his arrows, yeah that very one. Love changes a person; history is littered with tales of change borne as a result of love or sometimes the lack of it.

Something no one talks about? What it feels like to fall out of love. To suddenly no longer care for someone, to lose interest in a hobby or to suddenly find your favorite meal taste like ash in your mouth. Now that’s real pain.

In this world filled with many travails, having a person to love and receive love from in return is surreal especially in today’s environment and to now lose that? Sucks, it really does. To no longer have passion for a hobby that once gave solace? Life can get really cold really quick. There’s a lot of text on the topic of love, loving, rejected love and finding love but falling out of love? That’s unchartered waters.

The slow or sudden loss of affinity can be numbing but in the midst of it, one can only really count on one thing; that change comes around again and this time to restore a fire rendered cold in its wake in time past.

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