The Blame GAME | Faith Diaries #3

The Blame GAME | Faith Diaries #3

Going back to creation and how sin entered the world when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of Good and Evil, and God asked Adam why he ate of the tree. His first instinct was to blame Eve, and from then on the blame game began.

As human beings when caught in a wrong, we naturally want to shift the blame to another person or a circumstance, even pushing the blame to the devil at certain times. We struggle to take responsibility for our actions whenever we fall into mistakes, taking solace in blaming it on other people or situations. Whenever we do this, we fail to recognise that sometimes these mistakes happen as a result of faults in our characters, or a toxic character or attitude that has become a habit.

Subsequently, when we fail to recognise this faults, we get so used to falling into this mistake and putting the blame on others, and soon fall into those negative habits conveniently, because we have become so accustomed to blaming our mistakes on others, rather than accepting faults.

The whole essence of giving our lives to Christ is so he can totally transform us renew our minds, and restore us, which means us recognising these faults, accepting our wrongs and faults and going back to God in repentance so he can restore us and give us the grace to turn away from these mistakes.

The bible says we should come before his throne of grace with boldness even whenever we fall into sins, which means whenever we sin or fall into old habits, rather than telling God ‘oh, it’s not my fault that this this happened, it’s cause this person made me do it, or it’s cause I was in this situation’. It’s about recognising that you have fallen into this habit or sin, and coming before God with all sincerity of heart and seeking his complete and total forgiveness and restoration of self.

God doesn’t only hate sin because it hurts him, he hates it because it hurts us (see the magnitude of love God has for us😩)- he hates what hurts us- because he knows the plans he has for our lives and anytime we sin, sin comes in between what he has for us, and takes us two steps backwards which in turn hurts us tremendously.

Choose how to respond to situations positively (aka hand it over to God, regardless of the type of situation or circumstance it is- that’s the true essence of salvation! It’s no longer you, but it’s Christ in you!

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