Two Years.

By Anjola

2 years.

That’s how long it’s been since we’d been apart. Over the course of that time, we’d drifted apart and attempted to get closer again, but never once reaching the closeness we used to have.

For days, I’d wished for this moment- a time when we could finally get what we used to have back, a moment where we could continue in our familiarity and easy camaraderie.

Now, seeing you casually leaning against the trunk of the car and from the way my heart leaps onto my throat, I know.

Today is that day.

Walking towards you, smiling like a fool, everything and everyone else becomes blurred out, till it’s just you and I.

It felt like I was alive for the first time in ages, my past few romances now dulled in comparison to ours. None of it mattered anymore- not the way we’d been distant or how we’d gradually grown apart.

The only thing that now mattered was two people standing here, basking in the unadulterated feelings that came with this renewed romance.

And when you stared into the depth of my soul and said ‘I love you’, your eyes blazing with honesty, every fibre of my body believed you without a doubt.

It was evident in the way you held me, as though you never wanted to let me go for the rest of your life, your head buried in the crook of my neck.

It was clear from the way you delicately whispered my name on my neck, the reverberations in your voice shaking my entire core.

And as we sway side by side, wrapped around each other and in perfect synchronisation, I know.

Because there’s only one thought that overwhelms my mind: To be loved by you is the best thing in this entire world.

The way you love is not silent. You love with every expression you have, not just by empty words and fruitless actions. I see it in the way you see me-in my perfect imperfections. I see it in the way your eyes light up every time I smile at you. It’s there in the tender way your fingers run through my hair.

To be loved by you- I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

If this is a dream, then it’s one I don’t ever want to wake up from.

But if wishes were horses, then not only would I ride, but I’d continue wishing so I could ride forever.

Because the moment my alarm rings and I see that you’re no longer beside me. I know.

This was all just a dream.

And everyday, I’m forced to live with the reality that you’re truly gone.


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