Scribbles#2: Just One Hug

Friday (12/02/21)
Eyes barely open, I trudge my way to the bathroom to urinate- silly of me to drink two sachets of water before taking a nap, but the weather was so hot. Dragging myself back to bed-its 3: 20 pm, I still have 10 minutes before my alarm goes off and ample time to get ready for my group meeting starting by 4 pm.

Eyes barely opened again- sh*t, it’s 4:30 pm, I’m still on my bed, meeting ends in 30 minutes and I NEED to sign attendance. What to wear? Really don’t care anyways. Speed walk to the meeting room and there he is- an angel.

Me: Hey Dave
Dave: Let me hug you
Me: Dives into the hug
Dave: Your eyes are swollen
Me: Yeah, I just woke up and need to go sign attendance before the paper is taken away.
Reluctantly draws back from the hug
Me: Byee

Btw- have you ever listened to a song and it has a particular line that just makes your heart go OooOoOoOOO!!!!!- you either feel so happy or sad, depending on the song you’re listening to anyways. It might not even be the lines, but the emotion behind the delivery of that note, or it just hits you right in the middle. For me, it’s 3:25 to 3:40 of IU’s Love Poem. I ALWAYS rewind to that particular bit of the song. What about you? Which song makes your heart go OooOoOoOOO!!!!!?

Back at my desk thinking of the hug.
Wow, I really needed that- I really love hugs. See, life has been a tad bit lonely. Close friends in different campuses or hostels. I like being alone, but I’m slowly losing it.
A couple of days ago my flatmate asked me how do I do things alone: I go to class alone; say goodbye to my friend(s) after class since we don’t stay together; back to hostel alone and; solo walks with ears plugged to get food in the evening. It just dawned on me that I needed one, and need one daily.

At this point, you are probably thinking, OMG this poor girl, but naa, I’m back to dancing and being happy. I also listen to happy songs like Queen Hyuna’s new jam “I’m not cool”- you should check it out. Not that there’s anything wrong with sad songs, but I refuse to go deeper into that hole.

Me: I miss home
Tikvah: But does home miss you?
Me: Wow, just wow
Need to change my friends. Apply within.

This scribble was meant to be published on Sunday, but we all know what that day was- no need to dampen anyone’s spirit. Hope you enjoyed Valentine’s day.

No recommended song for today’s scribble, just a shortish clip on why being single ain’t bad.

But, anyways just to let you know I LOVE HUGS.

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