Concentration Tips You Should Consider Using in 2021

As you work from home, you may find it difficult to concentrate on work amidst the distractions. Unfortunately, leaving home to work in a public space is no option because you want to avoid contracting the virus. Let’s face it: the pandemic is still very much around, so we have to learn to cope with remote work. How do you develop and maintain concentration while working from home? Read on to find out.

Play Games that Train your Brain

Don’t believe the self-development enthusiasts on the internet who tell you that playing games is a waste of time. Playing the right games can help you develop a backbone for concentration. Researchers have proved that spending as little as an hour playing games can increase brain performance. Some of these games are:

  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Jigsaw and Crossword puzzles
  • Scrabble
  • Brain Teasers
  •  Video games

Get in Your 8 Hours of Sleep

 Unless you absolutely have to, don’t stay awake overnight working. It may seem like you are giving yourself more time to work, but the truth is you lose your focus the longer you stay up. If you’ve ever gone 24 hours without sleeping, you would have noticed that thinking became more difficult for you. In the same way, taking only a few hours of sleep will affect your focus. If you want to get your concentration game on, get enough sleep.


You’ll be surprised how a few stretches can help you increase the amount of productive work you do daily. You don’t need to learn special exercises to achieve better focus. Any activity that increases your heartbeat, such as jumping or running, is fine.

Take a Break

Sometimes, staring at your computer and trying to work won’t help. Instead, do something that takes you out of your home. You can choose to look around, take a walk, or visit a neighbour for some minutes.  This will help you take your mind off work and give you a clear head when you resume working.

Listen to Soft Music

Turning some Adele music on while you work is another way to increase your concentration. It’s a great thing you are at home, because you don’t have to deal with working with any colleague who doesn’t like the same music. Play something you love, and keep it soft. If you don’t like music for religious reasons or otherwise, you can open the windows and let the sounds of nature flow into the room.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Pizza, shawarma, and processed foods are not the type of food you should be eating if you have a hard time concentrating. Instead, fill your daily diet with proteins like eggs, fish, chocolate (you don’t have to let go of all your guilty pleasures), oranges, and peanuts.

Never Skip Breakfast

 Even I am guilty of this. I always want to get some work in and take brunch at noon. Don’t be like me. Always have your breakfast before you start working. Just like I said earlier, your breakfast should contain more protein than cereals.


Meditation is one popular way to increase focus at work. You probably knew this already. Don’t just sit with your legs crossed and your eyes closed. There are several YouTube tutorials that can guide you on how to meditate correctly. If you are don’t have time to watch a video on meditation, try closing your eyes and breathing deeply.

The next time you are trying to switch back to work after watching some Netflix, try these tips and let me know if they work for you. If you’ve ever tried them before, let’s hear how they helped you.

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