HIGHER | #FaithDiaries

Have we become like the biblical triple ‘S’- Like Solomon, giving our self-made idols prominence over God and bowing to the pressures of the rest of the world to deviate from God. Or perhaps more like Saul, enjoying the spoils of the earth while ignoring the will of God or maybe our type is more like Samson, allowing ourselves to get easily carried away, taking pride in our own human capabilities and forgetting the God element.

Taking all these into play we have now created our own ‘high places’, which unfortunately is now stuck like a bad habit, taking us further and farther away from the place God intended for us to be. Testing the boundaries of what separates us from where God wants us to be and where we, of our own volition, force ourselves to be.

See, there is a way that on the surface may seem straight and perfect for man, but in the grand scheme of things, it ultimately leads to destruction. Now it is with this realisation that we must rid ourselves of our high places of sorts-idols we turn to instead of God, and seek the only and truest place of worship with God, boldly coming before the throne of God.

We want to be like the Moses’ and Samuels of times of old, always searching and climbing to a higher place with God. Fascinating as it is, it’s like a Ferris wheel- each time we push higher, God leads us to a newer level, revealing newer degrees of intimacy with Him, taking us to higher and higher realms, pushing into dimensions not yet discovered.

God wants us to not go to our own high place, the place where we deviate from his word and the purest meaning of his worship, and rather, find that place- a place so personal to you and God, a place God has chosen where we put his name and make his habitation there.

There’s more of God to be found- we just need to be willing and available to stretch ourselves to deepen and further our understanding of Him and commune with God at the highest point.

There’s more of God to be found- we just need to be willing and available to stretch ourselves to deepen and further our understanding of Him and commune with God at the highest point.

Take a closer look at your heart- what altars have you unconsciously or knowingly set up there and what idols are you serving at those altars which are forcing you to sail the opposite way from where God has called you to? Are you stuck in your vain repetitions or perhaps attempting to bribe God with your works as a way to access Him, instead of believing in your heart that He is?

It’s time to tear down high places of false worship in our own lives that set themselves against God. It’s time to embrace the truest high place of the one true God, living a life that is completely dedicated to worshipping and dwelling with God in his own high place, separating yourself from crippling mindsets and limited human ideologies which hold us back from truly knowing God.

God says expand- expand beyond the mental and spiritual territories and boundaries you’ve created in your mind or boxed me into, move beyond your comfort zone and find me in the higher realms, higher levels of worship-places of uncompromising obedience and loyalty in your worship to me.

There is so much more of God to be found, we just need to be willing to seek Him and find Him in his higher place.

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