The Suit and The Tie

In times such as we find ourselves, we have borne witness to a cancer plant itself in within our consciousness and fester and thrive and now it has spread beyond control. Now, I realize it is easy for one to get carried away in the euphoria; basking in the ambience of one’s achievements, the deafening noise of unending traffic that is daily life and all that. It is also easy for one to fall short of personal, moral and societal expectations, hence, the epitomisation of the suit and tie mentality as the gold standard in present day dealings.
The suit and tie mentality used in a connotative sense to mean: 1) a civilized, morally astute and way of behaving. Acting civilized obeying rules, doing the
right things, avoiding indulgence in any manner and form in morbid and perverse proclivities which have become the norm today; 2) the actual suit and
With this in mind though one wonders how this concept has played out in reality and the results are not farfetched………… it is the ones in suit, the ones
who speak with the best accents, live in the best locations, sleep in the best hotels, eat the best foods, drink the finest of wines and dress in the most civilized
ways; they’re the ones who do the real damage, they’re the ones we should watch out for; the suit and tie their mask and the pen their tool.
It is not the men with guns who destroy the world it is the ones who sit behind small desks in small offices pushing buttons, typing letters, drafting memos and signing documents using pencil and paper crafting deeds of the most gargantuan proportions from the confines of an obscure domiciliary.
All while rocking `THE SUIT AND TIE’.

One response to “The Suit and The Tie”

  1. Interesting piece, enlightening 🙌🙌


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