By Taffie’s Space

She had always resented the possibility of becoming a cliché but had no qualms with admitting she had found her soulmate.

The concept of a soulmate and all that came with it, was something she had always thought would be foreign to her. She remembered reaching out, craving the feeling but her fingertips would only ever brush against it, a passable sign that it was present yet out of her reach. Had she gone looking for them, she might have been less surprised when they gracefully fell into her lap, but despite her uncertainty, she had opened her heart their invitation.

William Shakespeare said:

“But love, first learned in a lady’s eyes,

Lives not alone immured in the brain,

But with the motion of all elements”

When she thought of her soulmate, her mind was overcome with memories that invigorated all five of her senses and filled her with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and understanding that everything up until this point, led her right to them.

She thought of the way her soulmate held her, their touch making her feel like a tree being consumed by a cluster of vines, gently and then all at once. It was never painful and yet somehow firm enough that she knew they were right there and that they always would be.

Their smell was always sweet to her, intoxicating even, filling her with so much joy that she threatened to explode into a flurry of red petals which would caress the ground and remain there as a tell-tale sign of their bond.

She enjoyed listening to them speak, whether the conversation was of interest to her or not.  It was something about the passion in their voice that was like a symphony to her ears, forcing her to close her eyes and pay attention to the music until its message had hypnotised her and she cared as much as they did.

She appreciated that they found their happiness in the littlest of things. Seemingly minor things that anyone else might’ve brushed past, her soulmate saw as being of the upmost importance so, they discussed them with such conviction, cradled them with so much love and showered them with appreciation.

When she remembered the dark times, she cried tears of sorrowful happiness knowing she had gone through it all but also knowing that they had been beside her. There were times when she knew she had been selfish; she had been a victim too consumed by her own problems. One day, she’d be strong enough to hold them up too.

Whether a friend or lover, she knew there was someone out there who saw all these things in their own soulmate. She knew there was someone who understood what it was like to smile involuntarily whilst you watched them and when you weren’t watching them, you wished you were because you were inexplicably bonded to one another and nothing, not even the earth ending as you knew it, could change that.

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