Bite-sized Happiness |

When someone asks, “what makes you happy?”, we tend to try and create a vision of things which seem overly worthy of our happiness. We have inadvertently programmed ourselves to think that if the thing of choice doesn’t measure up to a certain standard then it is not worth mentioning at all.

Without sounding mawkish, there are several small successes which are worth your happiness, maybe more so than the grander things, because whilst great successes happen once in a while, we can savour the miniature milestones on a daily basis.

Whilst it is easy to be enamoured by a promotion, a new car or a luxury holiday. What about everything else that makes us smile? A good makeup day; waking up early by accident and being able to go back to sleep; randomly finding money in your pockets; a nice long bath; getting an extra nugget in your meal; burning a new candle; the sound of soft rain; hot chocolate when it’s snowing; finding a good deal on sale; seeing family; long hugs; a clean room; a good book; your favourite meal. All of these bite-sized happinesses.

This is not to say that if your happiness correlates to larger things, there’s anything wrong with that. Ultimately, there comes a point when even the most enamouring of the small things can’t drown out the deafening silence when big successes aren’t happening. After all, it is human nature to crave more.

 However, perhaps we feel this way because we’ve convinced ourselves that measuring our successes against that of those around us will give a general consensus of what we should be proud of. We see people on our feeds and timelines with £50,000 salaries, Mercedes and successful businesses and decide that maybe we shouldn’t have bought that candle or had that takeaway or shopped in that sale.

My point is that everyone’s measure of success is different but imagine how much happier we’d be if we stopped looking at everyone else and instead maintained a daily sense of happiness instead. A subjective one that only belongs to us.

If your happiness is in the things you buy then you go shopping, if your happiness is in the people you love then you have a family movie day and if your happiness is in working then you grab your laptop and you start. Maybe then and only then will we not feel such an absence when the big successes evoke that deafening silence.

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