Article by Glory Ayara

I’ve laboured long and hard for the bread, for honour, and for riches, But on my corn too long you’ve tread, You fine-haired sons of bitches. 

These are the words uttered by the famous western outlaw Black Bart, although slightly out of context, his words resonate with me as I observe the situation of things in my country Nigeria. I am 20 years old, and I can say since my inception, Nigeria has proven to not give an iota of shit about me.

Let me tell you a story. In 1999 when I was born, my parents were unable to provide the sum of 10,000 naira following my delivery and my mother’s treatment. Despite my father’s constant begging and my mother’s woes and tears to place the head of her baby on her chest, the hospital, in their ‘uber-largesse’, sent my mother and I, (in my infancy), out of the hospital where we were sat till my father came back. Mind you the hospital is a public one, and I do not know whether to say fortunately or unfortunately, it still stands. The fate I faced is the reality of multiple Nigerians till today, with some children, even dying as a result of the lack of provisions and amenities in the sleeping giant. Very soon, maybe not so ‘very soon’ I would have my own kid, and I sure as hell would not want them to experience the Nigeria I have experienced andare still experiencing. 

As I type this, I do it with uttermost irritation and disgust for the government and governance of Nigeria. I am angry because we are not asking the psychopaths in power (PIP) to give us what is rightfully ours, but instead we are pleading for them to at least, I mean at the bare minimum, allow us to make the best of the ‘remnant’ they have thrown to us from their tables. Yet, our cries have so far been treated like the woes of a banshee or the bush baby. These PIP don’t care about you and I, and I am forced to believe that they don’t care for their children as well, the only interest they seem to serve is moneys’, setting up altars abroad and at home to its service. If there is any at all who may appear to even give the slightest of shit *cough* *Dino*– at least now we know, it is all just malarkey. 

How difficult really is it to terminate SARS? When it came to ending the jobs of multiple honest motorcycle riders, the PIP did it with so much immediacy and alacrity. They did not bother about how these individuals would cater for their family, or even offer at least, survival packages. But now, when it is time to end the killing and bullying of millions of Nigerians, the PIP are stammering, spurting nothing but gobbledygook. Infact, the deputy IG of police in a recently publicized vn said that the hot water that had been used to push back the masses, should be used to brew teas and coffees. Arrant nonsense. The sheer stupidity of these PIP is just too far beyond my understanding. 

Our national anthem says, ‘the labours of our heroes’ past shall never be in vain’, but I tell you, all they had toiled to build has in fact been in vain. We have a president who doesn’t care about us, his wife, who is highly educated does not care about us. The USA has a first lady who struggles seriously with English, but yet, she speaks, tweets, does something, at least, she shows she cares, but ours is stuck to the (I don’t mean to be crass) other room. The cabals we are surrounded by, *cough* *Tinu…*, are nothing to write home about, absolutely nothing, and I am not, not at all, going to waste my time on those train wrecks. 

Unlike the labours of those in the past, that of my generation, will not be in vain, god forbid. We love and care about each other, and that alone, in itself, is the greatest power we possess. There is a popular Yoruba adage that says,

 ‘Aisi n le olongbo

Loun mu eku sako’

‘In the absence of the cat,

The mouse takes charge’

Now the lions are awake, and we are ready to pounce!!

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