Faith is Rising | PRAYER For NIGERIA | Faith Diaries #1


On this day, at this very moment, I’m sat here completely and totally in awe of God, and in awe of the things he’s going to use this our generation to achieve. This weekend, we’ve seen the youths of Nigeria, regardless of background, ethnic differences and culture, coming together to achieve one common goal. A goal that affects each and everyone of us as Nigerians. But in fact, what really throws me and challenges me, was amidst the protests, we also had a group of radical youths rise up in faith, to attack this situation in the spiritual realm!! This was #PrayerWalk.

The prayer walk is a symbolism of what God is preparing the youths of this generation for! You guys should see the way I was excited last night after seeing clips from the prayer walk!! My spirit started praying, my faith was renewed and challenged and I could feel a revival already happening from within!

This is a time where the revival of one will cause the revival of thousands. A time when God is using what and those who may seem irrelevant and cast-away to prove His point and to display his glory across nations! I’m excited about this era, and beyond just being excited, I’m redefining my own faith and relationship with God to go even deeper and deeper than where I used to be!

At this very moment God says he is raising up an army of radical believers, whose sole goal and purpose is to propagate the gospel in a way that is both unknown and uncommon to the world’s understanding. It’s going to be the rise of a new dawn, the rise of a new era. It’s a time of revival and by God, you need to experience this!!! God says I’m not done and this is just the beginning!!

We’re all gathered in one accord
Through your Spirit and by your word
We’re all united in Jesus name
We are your dwelling place
So have your way

Like the words of the song, ‘We’re all gathered in one accord, we’re all united in Jesus name’, and where there is unity in faith, there is freedom!! There is deliverance and there is revival! Where two, threes or even four are gathered, talk less of hundreds, in God’s name, God is already in the midst of those gathered, preparing to move in an unprecedented way!

This is a spiritual battle as much as it is a physical one and God is raising an army to fight this battle in the spirit realm!

Ending this with ‘See Revival’ by Geoffrey Golden, because that’s what is happening!🔥🔥🔥

We’re gonna see a revival
In this place

Like the fire can’t be contained
Like the cleansing brought by the rain
Like a mighty wind rushing through
We wanna see you
In this room

Your Holy Spirit pour on us
Washing your sons and daughters
We’re gonna see revival
In this place

Faith is rising, now more than ever!! Are we excited to see this and be a part of it?

So wherever you are, this week I want us to join in the prayer chain for Nigeria!! Every day this week we are praying in tongues! Nigeria WILL be blessed!! We release Nigeria from the chains of oppressors and declare this land for God!!!

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