Why NOT Me? |Being Black S2 E1

An introduction to the ‘Being Black’ Series Season 2.

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome!! It’s the month of October, and we’re celebrating two things very special to me:

1. Being Black!!! This month, as we celebrate Black History, this series is specially targeted at showcasing the talent of young black creatives, which we’ll talk a bit more about in this blog post.

2. It’s our First Anniversary here at BYJOLAA!! *eekkkk* It is absolutely surreal, the type of growth we’ve experienced here all in this first year, and I’m so so looking forward to more and what the following years have in store for us here at BYJOLAA, so stay tuned!

First things first, the Being Black Series’

One of the most exciting things I absolutely love seeing is Black creatives creating, doing what they love and winning. Read that again and let it digest properly. So this month, that’s exactly what we’re going to celebrate. Black excellence; Black Creative Excellence.

Like the title of this piece, I want us, as black people, to stop seeing our race as a bar to anything we want to achieve, and instead start seeing it as a desirable feature and an advantageous characteristic that WILL get you where you want to be. A while back, I attended a webinar (*totally unrelated to being a creative and more about law- yay me*). One of the speakers had said that the moment she flipped the narrative from ‘why me?’ to ‘why NOT me?’, that was the year she started seeing results. And I can’t echo it more. This year I stopped seeing myself as a ‘maybe’ and my international status as an obstacle and equally started asking why NOT me, and this alone has changed my perspective on so many things.

Also, it’s our first Anniversary!!

So here’s to season 2 of the being black series. A chance for readers and listeners to experience the raw talent that is embodied in black creatives and a chance and opportunity for black creatives to showcase their talents and wisdom with how they use their talent! And this year, we’re giving it to you bigger and much more interesting than it was last year! We have weekly articles, specifically in honour of black history month, YouTube videos, an IG live for the first time and *drum rolls please* a WEBINAR!! Yup, you read that right! On the 24th of this month, BYJOLAA will be hosting another webinar tagged: ‘Black Creators’ Diaries 2020’. It promise to be fun, engaging and give you the similar experience as a face to face event so get your ticket HERE!

Yesss it’s finally here!! It’s been a whole year since BYJOLAA was created and I’m absolutely screaming for the growth we’ve experienced, and the feedback we’ve gotten from our readers!

So here’s to another year of content creation and constructive feedback!

Enjoy the being black series!

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