Everything Has Changed…

2020 has been an rollercoaster, a warped mixture of both good and bad. This year has cornered us and whilst everyone is making an effort to remain positive and mimic some sense of normalcy, so many things still remain distorted.

For most people, this year has disrupted both the mundane and any thrilling prospects they had looked forward to this Summer. A plethora of summer outings and holidays have all been forced to a halt to make room for this confusing, and in a lot of ways, chaotic visitor.

The fact is, a lot of us are craving an escape. We are searching for a place where none of this is happening without realising how global this impact really is. Even as lockdown has eased and the opportunity for road-trips and staycations opens up, there are still so many restrictions, and nothing seems to compare to the excitement and luxury of hopping on a plane and lying on a sandy beach abroad.

When you step outside of your house, the environment is almost unrecognisable. We are living in a world overshadowed by this cloud of pessimism in which people are so sceptical of one another. We spend our days wondering if the person we are standing behind has the virus on their fingertips; we doubt every cough or sneeze and judge any mask-less faces without caring to think ‘why?’

The world has changed and obviously, for now, these changes are aimed to benefit the health of us all but with five months left in the year, it begs the question: will things ever be the same? Or is it the case that as we bear witness to the world around us changing as we know it, we should expect a permanent shift in the way we live our lives?

In March, we had been fed the prospect of a vaccine which could take eighteen months and the possibility of natural immunity two years from now but even if all of this is true, how do we bounce back?

The impact of coronavirus has been immense and aside from all the cancelled holidays, people are really suffering. Already we have seen redundancies, closure of schools and universities and even an economic collapse. Coronavirus has had an effect on everyone in a variety of ways And its heart breaking to see something that most people initially treated as a joke, force us into a new and isolated lifestyle.

To finish this off, I would like to express my condolences, love and prayers to those who have lost people during this difficult period. It is very easy to forget that the impact of coronavirus goes beyond us not being able to go about our daily activities as normal or vacation wherever we want and although this is not easy for anyone, we can’t neglect the fact that coronavirus has taken people from their families, and it is important that we all do our part to make sure that we don’t contribute to these losses.

Please wear your masks and do your part to keep everyone safe.

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