The Employability Series: #ForBlackByBlackInitiative

I’m really excited to announce the #ForBlackByBlackInitiative, through which I would be starting the ‘Employability Series’. This is not another one of your ‘How to get a Job in 30 days’ series, I promise (🤣). I like to think of this as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ of getting a job series; so all things self-awareness, market awareness and professional development as opposed to falling in line with the ‘get-rick-quick’ syndrome.

Through this programme, I aim to pass on the ‘brother’s keeper’ theme, with the first part being an employability series, with a focus on black students or career changers. From this series, I hope black students at whatever career stage they’re at, are able to learn enough to develop themselves as stand-out candidates and set themselves apart as unique. Importantly, my main goal at the end of this series is for everyone who participates, to get a better understanding of who they are, and what they need to know and do in order to ensure quality personal development.

What makes this scheme unique is that the webinars would be delivered by fellow black students at different academic stages and discussions would range from:

1. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone and taking advantage of opportunities as a black student

2. Understanding the labour market and making yourself stand out

3. Racial awareness and moving beyond racial inequalities as a black student

4. Becoming an ‘O’ shaped individual and leveraging your ‘blackness’ as a unique feature.

5. Changing your mindset to the positive and carrying through with a healthy mindset.

Also, at the end of the scheme, I would be providing a certificate to all those who attended!


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