You Nice, Keep Going

April: I’ll write today 

May: I promise to write today 

June: Okay, now it’s time to write something…. anything. 

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute. Because it sure doesn’t feel like this lock down has been going on for months now. Time slips away so fast and before you know it, you’re regretting lost time. Is it just me (I know it’s not just me) or the days of the week have lost its meaning? Sometimes a whole week feels like a Saturday and another day feels like Friday when it’s actually a Tuesday- just so random. 

For me the empty repetition of life provided little to write about, but I cannot continue giving excuses- I promised that this year will be about writing and Law School. So here I am getting back into the swing of things (I think I’ve even forgotten how to write). 

How have you been though? Yeah, you reading- you can tell me by leaving a comment in the comment section. I have been doing okay on my side of life. Not been as productive as I thought I’d have been. Did I set my goals way too high or I’ve not been putting in my best for myself? Today is another day to be productive.

Anyway, less of me, let us discuss the world as it is right now on social media. First up is Corona virus which really has the whole world trembling. Things are getting better but its far from being gone so let’s make sure to stay as safe as possible. Thousands of people have died from this virus and I hope their families find peace and comfort. 

Second on the list is the Black Lives Matter movement ongoing in various parts of the world after the killing of an unarmed black man (George Floyd) in America by a white police officer. This comes on the heels of the death of Ahmaud Arbery also a black man who was killed by white men while out jogging. This is not the first time blacks in America have protested for their rights to life but like everything else the wide spread use of social media has brought about more awareness. Some people pose statements about white people also getting killed by their fellow white men or police officers, but the main issue which has been brought to the forefront is the fact that the killings of these black people were uncalled for which stems from racism. These white murderers usually go unpunished, prime examples being the cases of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. It’s time for a change. Let’s lend a voice by signing petitions or donating to the movement. Shout out to all those going outside to protest. May God keep them safe and sound. 

And the last is none other than the sexual harassment of the female gender in Nigeria. Like the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s not the first time we’ve raised our voices but the trigger this time was the raping and killing of a lady named Uwa Omozuwa in a church she went to study in. At this point in time we have to stop giving excuses for rapists. Nothing and I mean NOTHING justifies raping. Children also get raped. It cannot be emphasised enough but parents should please be careful about who they leave their children with and also learn to listen to them when they complain about inappropriate things family friends or acquaintances have done to them. It’s not just rape that is sexual harassment, it’s also in the inappropriate jokes we make about women. Don’t go around touching or trying to hug women anyhow- it’s highly inappropriate. A big THANK YOU to the ladies going out to protest and those lending their voices to the cause on social media. May all those that have experienced harassment find healing.

Nigerian Ladies protesting against rape

Like I answered to someone when we were having a discussion on gender inequality to the question “have you ever experienced it?”, I believe you don’t have to experience something before you are concerned about it. The phrase “it can never be me” can be you in an instance. Let us learn, we are all humans and shouldn’t be treated as less.

The phrase “it can never be me” can be you in an instance.

Other things are happening in the world such as the Libya slave trade and the killings in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria but the three topics raised above have somehow taken the forefront for now in my own little world.  

I really wish everyone can be genuinely happy. You know the type of happiness that has you smiling just before you close your eyes to sleep for the night. If social media is too much for you to handle do yourself a favour and log out. There’s always a fear of missing out, but your mental health comes first. 

I really wish everyone can be genuinely happy.

And to my fellow Learning colleagues of Nigerian Law School let’s stay strong. If you’ve not started reading; just start -it’s never too late. Check your school email every day for lecture slides: if you’re not in the mindset of reading at least don’t let your notes pile up and if you cannot access them contact me through my email ( and I would send them.

Last thing for today (I know this write up is so loong!!!), is our Korean song of the day titled “Mayday” by Crush feat. Joy of Red Velvet. The lyrics of the song rightly addresses life during lock down- eat, sleep, repeat but still feeling exhausted with nothing going on. Right now, for most of us it’s just another day of existing, but we pray for better days to come.

A quote from a fave I’d like to end with and say to everyone “You Nice, Keep Going”

Thank you for reading.

Till next time

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  1. Thanks Foyin, your write ups are brilliant.

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    1. Thank you for reading


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