by Kehinde Babatunde

Nothing truly matters, but when did it ever?
Every single utter, did it bring change, never?
Searching for something that isn’t lost,
Looking for someone that isn’t gone,
A simple question, you can’t answer

Who are you? Your own master?
Because if you recall every decision and choice
Will you own up to them with your own voice
Or blame the world for the noise

Which reality is truly yours?
The one you live through daily
Or the one you leave through nightly
Ambitions, dreams, goals, are these all constructs
Cause your head’s been in the clouds, lately
Blanketing your fears as courage, thinking you’re knightly
No shield, no sword, no war, no fight
Just wield your words for all that’s right

Thinking you need another half to be whole
You end up breaking down another soul
To find a piece that fits your own
But don’t you know one plus one is one?
The love so sacred, it is sworn

The most of you, is the part you want ridden,
What is missing isn’t lost, just hidden
Only if you could see, that your eyes were shut
But that’ll require taking the blindfolds off,
Craving a music to the tempo of your heart
But never finding rhythm that’ll forever last
Only if you could listen to the voice within
Saying you are the one to set you free

Who are you? Your own slave?
Wandering through life, in time and space
Change, another word for a similar alteration
Water to ice to steam, sublimation
But the very same elemental form
To bring the thunder, you need a storm
Just an empty heart waiting to be filled
So tell me, why does your chest read “sealed”
What are you protecting emptiness from?
Peace or pain, hurt or love, joy or sorrow?
Yesterday, maybe today or tomorrow?

Sometimes even the best cocktails need bitters too,
The worst of you, requires your best tools
Emptiness, darkness never lead you astray
Every part of you, is needed to find the way
Apathy, isolation aren’t an escape
Just part of something bigger, a landscape

Who are you? I am me, all bits and pieces
The ones that don’t, the ones that pleases
Before you resign to the damnation
Spark a little fire of realisation
And do away with all the sadness
And see after all, a glimmer of light is so much more in all your darkness

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