Here’s my top 10 social issues novel (of course with some bits of romance, because this girl is a hopeless romantic).

1. Patch Up & Fix Up- Stephanie Witter

Key Theme: Relationship/Domestic Violence and Abuse; Dealing with Grief;

I read both patch up & fix up within 24 hours (and yes, I stayed up all night and slept by 6am) and the ending was so well deserved.

2. Silence & Broken Silence- Natasha Preston

Key Theme: Child Sexual Abuse and Trauma.

Okay, so this was definitely not a book I was expecting. E really shock me (lol). So Goodreads recommend this book to me based on my previous reads (at the time) and I said why not. I really thought this was going to be a straightforward romance novel, with a sprinkle of a real-life issue twist here. In hindsight though, I really should have read the synopsis (yes, I’m that type of reader- most of the time I don’t spend enough time reading the synopsis lol).

3. Hopeless & Losing Hope- Coleen Hoover

Key Theme: Child Sexual Abuse; Suicide; Child Trauma.

4. Hothouse Flower- Taylor Dean-

Key Theme: Rape & Gender bias in rape

5. Shame- Rachel Van Dyken– Relationship Abuse; Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance

7. Pushing the Limits- Katie McGarry- physical child abuse, mental health issues

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