2? 4 ?6 ft ? Stay at home and then repeat—why staying home seems harder.

“I love the way you don’t stay”

I wonder if it’s necessary for me to do a quick catchup since my last post of basically saying we are responsible for what we “ put in the air”. So here is me saying I have absolutely no idea why I did not think for one second , that 2020 would take it a step further . Nonetheless, it stands that being positive is crucial in these times, however this does not mean being obtuse about current events , it’s all about balance . Which is unfortunately easier said than done , there should be a balance between precaution and fear /panic avoidance. Where you don’t avoid fear all the way into a nonchalant attitude nor take caution until you are selfishly clearing shelves.

For some it’s hard to know when precautionary measures have crossed a line and are now in the domain of the crazies. Some of us are better than others at reflecting on our actions , whilst others don’t see how rabid they’ve become until they are knee deep in rolls and rolls of toilet tissue, or so it seems .

Maybe they know something we don’t?

In these times , new terms have also risen, terms that seemed almost ready to go. I’d never heard of social distancing until two weeks ago , although the term itself is self -explanatory it just seems like it’s been ready for use. I don’t know if it’s just me but it made me wonder what other terms are in the queue of human chaos revving their engines for a chance to be used . It’s a disturbing thought and I wish I’d let it pass. The funny thing about social distancing though is being told to do it , that it’s good for you, which without a doubt in these circumstances it is . But somehow that makes it harder to do. Even for those who already did it , whether by choice , lack of a social skill or a general distaste for society.

Some of us already enjoyed staying home , and now the government says ;yes stay home alone and don’t see anyone ,no groups , no visitors, just do what you’ve been doing but now we co-sign it . Well now it doesn’t feel so good , it’s like a chore , obviously it’s not the governments’ responsibility to entertain us or make it fun. But the advise with undertones of a foreshadowed decree makes one less inclined to do it.

My conclusion? We are all really stubborn and think we are different but often operate within the same parameters of “uniqueness”. Suddenly the ‘stay home Susan’ of your group, wants to make friends and feel the sun on their skin. All of a sudden the philosophy of YOLO ( you only live once) is valid again, and is dusting off its out of style SnapBack from 2012. And certain concerts mean more than they used to, now that they are no longer holding . These feelings are valid , and yet trivial when compared to how big life really is. No, this is not a ‘ don’t care about your birthday for one year , life is bigger than that’ post , it’s a ‘I just realised I only give more interest to things when they are taken away so quickly’ post.

This is not because we are spoiled or vain , or at least not all of us anyway , but because it feels like the rug has been snatched from beneath our feet. A loss of balance , footing , regularity, is what is felt . Like shock but emotionally , or is shock emotional? Oh well, who knows ( probably a psychology major).

I’m just happy I haven’t acted selfishly on my irrational urges to suddenly run in the wind or across the street . While you’re distancing , please remember to be considerate online and offline , be kind and stay safe.

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