It’s 00.00 o’clock, lol, joking it’s actually 12:12 pm. Now that’s a crazy coincidence. As I’m writing this we are having a mini workshop for our externship- court and chambers attachment.

To be honest I’m just scribbling right now, nothing much on my mind. So, how are you taking the news about Coronavirus? It’s really scary seeing the figure of deaths- I know, I know the number of recovery is way higher than the death but we can’t just forget the death. But positive over negative innit?

Did you know that a crush only lasts for maximum 4 months? If it exceeds, YOU’RE ALREADY IN LOVE.

At the end of the day, we keep on living and moving you know. People have lost family members, some more to come which is really sad. Let’s all up our positivity level in this trying period.

By the way, Law School closed. Your girl is going home to learn how to draft.

Kpop Song of this Scribble is Emergency by Day 6 seeing how the world is in a state of emergency. But another song by the same band came to mind- Rescue Me, which i think is more befitting because we all need to be rescued from this virus. Soo, as a nice person I’ll just link both songs. Make sure you listen to both.

Emergency by Day6


Have a lovely stay at home. And don’t forget to wash your hands.

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