By Glory Ayara

Let it sink that this object is nothing but mere metal, sourced from the ground and carefully crafted by the hands of more metal. So as much as we crave these metallic objects so do, we crave the ground. When you look at it this way, it reduces to nothingness.

In a fit to acquire a bountiful quantity of ‘ground’, people have become overly devoted to crime, drugs and the most dangerous of all, the INSTITUTION. 

Let me explain. 

Most of us going through school careless about anything without it. Everything else can simply “go and die”, except binging series on end, or scrolling through them Instagram and Pinterest baddies of course.

We do not realize how consumed by the desire to become wealthy and successful we are, we forget to live. We consider it stupid when a friend complains about being trapped in a relationship but deem it in-fact respectful to be trapped in the education loop. Take me for example, my life revolves around, home-gym-cluster or occasionally home-cluster-gym. The pathetic loop of a broken bot, all because say I wan by Benz.

Don’t get me wrong, before I am pulverized, I don’t consider living as snorting lines of the white powder and downing endless streams of tequila, if that is yours, kudos!! To me appreciating the arts, dancing like nobody is watching, spiritual connection and relishing what nature has to offer, to mention a few, is indeed LIVING.

I can’t remember when last I walked through a boulevard and barely thought about my DiSsErTaTiOn. Or admired the graceful stride of a duck’s waddle without thinking about securing a training contract. Recently I was in a trance, and all I could think of was a structure for my first chapter and potential areas for discussion. Waking up, I realized it was all jargon – so that day, I barely slept, and woke up to ‘jack-shit’.

Unfortunately, just like me, most of us sing praises of how we study back to back, but deep down we all know we want something more. I know, because I do. 

It is difficult to know when you are trapped in the institution, but when you realize it, you might as well slip into an existential crisis because, outside that system, you are, I am sorry to say, pretty much a ‘tozo’.

All I am saying is, yes! we want to be successful, yes! we wan buy Benz, but still, let us remember that it is really costing us our lives. Oh! Well, now they beckon to me, the judges in all them R and cases, let me go back to reading their endless shenanigans on a case I can only careless about. 

So, as it seems, I am hot-wired, just like you are, but if by some incantation you ‘don hack’ the system, I would love to live vicariously through you. Eventually I will find my way around it, hopefully, as soon as possible, before I am eaten alive. I hope it’s not too late. Anyhoo, you can access me at- alwaysintheclusterpleasehelpmebreakthisloop@yahoo.co.uk. 

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