11 Perfect Love Songs for Confessions or Proposals | MELAWSKPOP

Foyin Asiyanbi, MELAWSKPOP

Have you found the one for you? Trying to make a confession or propose to your significant other who loves Korean music? Look no further than these songs to set the mood and make them feel extra special. Make sure to click on English subtitles.

1. Really Really [Winner]  

“Really Really” is an upbeat tune that will get you moving your feet but serves as the perfect song to confess your feelings. With very simple lyrics, Winner confesses- I really really like you, what do you think about me?  You don’t have to beat around the bush or sound like William Shakespeare to confess your feelings- be like Winner. 

2. FANCY [Twice] 

With vocals expected from a world-class group, Twice delivers a fun way to tell someone that you “fancy” them. From the beautiful dance steps to the message (you there, I fancy you/I don’t want just anyone/I love you/Yes, you, I fancy you), you’d have your loved one saying yes to a date or a marriage proposal. 

3. CALL ANYTIME [Jinu ft. Mino] 

Trying to turn a “situationship” into something more? Look no further than this song. The beautiful and ethereal Jinu of Winner featuring fellow member Mino urges the person he’s ” not really dating ” to call anytime (every night, every day)”. It’s also a perfect song to send to a friend going through a hard time. 

4. DAY 1 [K.Will] 

Day 1 is a song filled with humour and love. It tells the story of a not so confident man confessing his love to a beautiful lady. Of all the ugly guys, I’m the best looking/ I’ll do better than all the guys out there, my love I love you. The title makes reference to the importance given to the first day of a relationship. 

The video below is an actual representation of how a confession with the song will be like. It’s from a music variety show called Fantastic Duo. 

5. DNA [BTS] 

I didn’t fall in love with you out of nowhere, our relationship transcends time; it has been in our DNA to meet. It’s the perfect song to send to someone you like/love. Your loved one will definitely be happy to hear that in the previous life and next life you’re eternally together. You could also spend quality and fun time by learning the cool dance moves together💃🕺.  


This is a cute and simple way to tell someone you’ve fallen in love with them. The message being passed across with the beautiful vocals of IKON is “you are MY TYPE”. 

7. EUPHORIA [Jungkook of BTS] 

Jungkook with his heavenly vocals blessed us with “Euphoria” which describes a feeling of intense excitement and happiness in the presence of a loved one. This song, although on the upbeat side will set the tone for a marriage proposal.  

8. I LIKE YOU [Day6] 

Have you fallen in love with your best friend? You are most likely worried that a confession will derail your friendship. This is exactly what Day6 is worried about in this calm and soulful song, but they push this thought aside and just confess- I LIKE YOU. This is the perfect song to use to confess your feelings to a very close friend. 

9. EAT [Zion.T] 

Another love language (at least where I come from) is the question “have you eaten?”. Zion.T with his unique and captivating voice shows concern by asking about her work then says ” even if you’re exhausted, remember to have breakfast and lunch” before simply confessing – I miss you, I like you a lot.”  P.S.- If she/he has not eaten, offer to buy lunch or dinner. 


Saving the best for last. Rain sang this as a proposal to his girlfriend of 5 years. It will definitely be perfect as a first dance song as he describes her as “the best present I have” and how he wants to “wake up and fall asleep” with her.  



Love confessions don’t have to go out to other people, it can be to yourself. Some relationships wouldn’t go the way we except and this can be a tough pill to swallow especially if you’ve tried your best to keep the relationship going. Well, Jin soulfully sings about loving oneself. Why not say all those sweet words you say to a loved one to yourself like Jin did- Shining me, precious soul of mine/ not so perfect but so beautiful. 
Listen to this when feeling low, and let Jin’s voice take you to a higher place

Wishing you get a positive answer to your confession/proposal.


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