What’s In The Air?

What’s In The Air?

It’s been a head turning couple of months into 2020, to say the least, a pattern of tragedies seem to have unfolded at almost every angle , with deaths of celebrities and loved ones, a few natural disasters and a virus pouring eagerly into the year. It’s normal for the discomfort of these chain of events to let questions of what the year truly has in store for us hang from the tip of our tongues. It’s normal, therefore, to walk into conversations with phrases like “And it’s just February” hovering gloomily amidst friends or family discussing, as we wait for the happy thing(s) that stops throwing 2020 into question to happen.

I am a firm believer in patterns, I am a firm believer in 2020 , and of this being a year of great vigilance and watchfulness not just because of the many 2020 vision jokes I archived that cannot continue to sit in the corners of my mind collecting dust.  It’s because I believe in the balance of things and if any year mirrors balance symbolically, 2020 seems to be it. It’s possible that I am a dreamy optimist trying to pitch unrealistic doses of optimism but consider the possibility that I am an observer like everyone else, just living and taking it in as it comes ; and seeing a pattern in the comings and goings of living.

We all observe habits/occurrences or atleast should try to when we can. I used to consciously and subconsciously nurture thoughts and emotions towards an unrealistic expectation , that the new year is aware of human festivities and our giddiness towards ‘a fresh start’. That the new year knows of our harboured sense of renewed human membership by the 1st of every January, so surely it wouldn’t dare be negative in this new chapter of living, that would be grim and ‘unfair’. And almost every year, like clockwork , it was a slap to my mental, a reality check that never quite adjusted my reality or vision, until the next January again , and so on. It’s a painful cycle of wearing the wrong subscription of glasses and yet receiving a yearly check of the right lens, but switching it mid-year because its too clear. 

A very strong wind that blows in this regard, is that life is just moving we are the ones (humans) who have broken it down into segments of seconds,minutes, hours, days, months and … HAPPY NEW YEAR. You can literally start your new year at any time of the year, if it helps ward off negativity or cope with pain or best of all renew hope, by all means. The trick , because this is very much a treat, is to remember to consider that reality does not share the sentiments and festivities of humanity.

It may seem a little contradictory to open with cheerful optimism of good news of hope and close with a ‘cold realism’ , but again balance , unfortunately even when I do not agree to it , there it is. So, for clarity of purpose of this write up ;

‘What is in the air?’ whatever YOU put there. 

Happy New Year

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