What is Love?

Every day in a book, movie or online, I come across romantic relationships and I feel my heart beating like I’m the one being confessed to or the one in love. But, what is love? I know its a cliché sort of question, but really though what is love?

I just finished watching a K-drama titled Black Knight- it was so so good, cannot believe I almost missed such an intriguing drama. This drama made me feel my singleness to the core. I could feel the chemistry and love just oozing out of the screen- my heart was beating just from the way the male lead looked and paid attention to his female lead and the way she blushed, and was always playfully shoving him when he blatantly admired her. I should have probably left it till after Valentines day because the song ” Valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?” mocked me from head to toe.

Problem is this is a drama. Is this how it is in real life? I’ve had only one instance of feeling my heart beat for a guy, but this gradually faded because his words didn’t match his actions. Looking back, it was most likely about just crushing on a fine guy with nothing to show for it. Does love have to be about making sacrifices for your partner? Is it about the hugs and kisses? Or the conversations all day long? Do you realise you’ve fallen in love once you start getting jealous or when you realise you’ll do anything for that person?

A recent tweet (at the time of writing) went viral about how your friendships can also raise the expectations you have for a romantic partner. The lady wrote about how her friend was always there to lift her spirits and just take care of her when she was feeling down, doing small things here and there which eventually added up to a feeling of overwhelming gratitude in her. This reminded me about how I became “best friends” with my best friend. It was exam season and I had one paper left while my best friend was done- that meant it was time to rest and sleep all you want, but I jokingly mentioned while texting to please wake me up in the middle of the night and to my surprise I got a call that night to wake me up to read. I just had to ask will you be my best friend? It has been a solid friendship of about 5 years now.

Another thing I keep coming across here and there is about knowing the love language of your partner. Is this just about doing things your partner likes? That would also mean sacrifice. So in the end is love just about sacrifice from both partners? It would be unfair and unbalanced for one person to keep on sacrificing- so I guess it has to come from both sides.

I could ask questions all day long about what is love? In the end I guess it just differs. To all the single pringles reading this- may you experience the type of love you want.

K-song of the day is “What is Love” by Twice. This powerful girl-group sing about wanting to know “What love feels like? How it keeps you smiling all day and how the whole world turns beautiful?” And also asks, “will I get to experience it one day?”

In light of Valentine’s period- I know its over but still…the next writeup from MeLawsKpop will be about the best Korean songs you can use to confess your feelings to a loved one.

Thanks for reading

Have a great week.


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