Dear Death,

Today was my birthday. Have I really added another year to this life I desperately want you to take? Or are you taking me closer to the end slowly?

I hate each waking thought. It’s another reminder that I’m still bound to this world, a world I no longer want to be in.

Dear Death,

Today I dreamt of you. I saw you for a while as I drew blood from my wrists. Is it bad that I enjoyed it for a while and didn’t want to wake up? Or are you simply giving me a signal that you’re closer than I think?

But every time I beg for you to come you inch away. It’s like even you are afraid of me. Why?

Dear Death,

I am so consumed with thoughts of you; I crave the thought of being one with you. Is it wrong of me to have such feelings? Thoughts of you seem to be the only companion in my mind. Why not make it permanent when you’re the only one who seems to care?

Don’t run away from me. I can’t bear it if you never come. Or should I come closer? Maybe take the first step in reaching you? Will you accept me then?

Dear Death,

My arms have been wide open waiting to receive you for years; are you too now avoiding me like everyone else? If you won’t come to me, then maybe I’ll go to you.

Dear Death,

I finally found the courage to make it stop. I beat your cowardice and beat you to it. Thank you.

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