The year is 2019, it’s my birthday and I published my blog- Yaay… but it all went downhill.

Dear Reader, I’m Foyin. Welcome to MeLawsKpop

A little background story about Me.

I travelled abroad for a Law degree and I completely wasted my time by utilising the WiFi for nothing else but movies and entertainment. Now you read a lot about people who don’t do well in their studies in Nigeria due to bad conditions but they excel when they get the chance to go abroad due to the change- well, the opposite was the case for me. I did quite well in Nigeria, having to read with lamps and fighting off mosquitoes at night was not a big deal to me. This nonchalant attitude of mine in UK led to break downs just wondering why I wasn’t motivated at all. Was I trudging down the wrong career path or was it just laziness on my part?

After my studies I was really excited coming back to Nigeria (didn’t feel bad about it) but everyone else seemed to be sad. Got back and got an internship immediately in a Law firm pending the time I resume Nigerian Law School for Bar 1. Now I was always ashamed of sending out CVs to my Dads’ colleagues. Why? Because of the 2:2 just across the line of my Undergraduate degree. Lucky enough for me I wasn’t ready for another failure so I was able to sit up during my postgraduate and came out with a 2:1. Hardest year of my life, but thank God for good friends that came my way and those at home who continued to support me.

The stigma of a 2:2 is probably going to stick for a while seeing how on my own I’m battling low self-esteem coupled with the fact that I’m still not sure about practicing Law- my Father must not hear about this. Along the line, a couple of events have made me rethink this “Law” journey and where I currently stand.

First of all, my internship during the waiting period for Law School can be termed as successful. I learnt a lot from Senior Lawyers (was actually able to apply what I’d learnt in University) and the administrators working in the office. 

Bar 1 of the Nigerian Law School was a success and for some unknown (most likely divine) reason, I was made the leader of a group of over 50 students. Through this I had to learn how to manage my time, assignments and people- especially the elderly.

Lastly, lest I forget, the encouragement from my family (low-key pressure😂😂) also keeps me moving. I really couldn’t have asked for a more supportive family.

Now, I’m nowhere near being established or anything really – my thoughts are still scrambled everywhere; thinking of regularly putting out content and mentally preparing for Bar 2 of Law school. But this journey has already begun- I can throw a fit, but it will be no use. All I can do is hope and pray for better days.

I had published this article before, but I just didn’t have inspiration on what to write for the blog. Really grateful to BYJOLAA for this platform. I am going to use this medium to write about My journey as a Student Lawyer, the Law and Kpop (I love Korean music); hence the title “MeLawsKpop”. Every article will have a “Kpop song for this article,” which will be connected to the main message being passed in the article. I know most of you are wondering why I’d be listening to a song that I don’t understand because they are not singing in English. For some minutes forget your bias, check out the English interpretations and you’d discover a new world of inspiring lyrics and music.

Kpop song for this article is “So What” by BTS.

The lyrics address being swamped in worries that are 90% your imagination and tells you to let go- cut through the wind while laughing. Sometimes run like a fool /With mistakes and in tears, we just go. Well, I’m letting go of my mistake during my Undergraduate program. What about you? What are you letting go of?

Thanks for reading. 

Have a great week.


  1. Looking forward to more content from you Foyin!!! Love thissss


    1. Thank you for reading.


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