Wow 2019. Truth is, this year has probably been the most ‘uncomfortable’ year for me, but in a really good way. 2019 is nearly over and what better way to end the year than to talk about some important lessons I learnt in 2019, which I can hopefully build up on in 2020.

1. The three most important commands in the bible: Come. Ask. Believe. The New Testament is splattered all over with Jesus simply replying, ‘Come…’. In John 1:38-39, after Jesus had called two disciples and they’d asked him where he was staying, Jesus simply replied them, ‘Come and see’. Matthew 11:28, again exemplifies this ‘come’ message, where Jesus implores us to ‘come into him’. The ministry of Jesus to us was very simple, come, ask and believe. One word commands. By coming we’re believing. Coming to him with our doubts, fears and worry and trusting that he’s more than able to handle them. Coming to him with our plans, visions and goals and trusting in his will on the direction he would lead us.

2. Maintain Peaceful relationships, get rid of toxic ones. People will come and people would go. It’s the circle of life. It’s not everyone you start life with that would be beside you throughout the journey. As times and seasons change, so so the people around you, depending on whatever season of your life it is. As much as this is true, it is also important to have people around you (apart from your family), who you can call good friends. This is why it is important to maintain peaceful relationships and protect your peace.

3. If you never take a step forward, you would always be a step behind. In 2019, I learnt, time and time again, the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone. This is why I’ve described the year as uncomfortable for me, in the sense that I’ve had to, on so many occasions, step out of what was comfortable and delve into the unknown. As a result of this, I achieved in 1 year, what I could not in 3 years. Why? I took steps forward. I’ve realised that if I never take the necessary steps forward, I’d always be left either in the same spot, or worse, a step behind. So embrace failure, it is, after all, a necessary ingredient for success. 2019 has reminded me to never be afraid of failure, and rather, be afraid of failing without learning.

4. Prioritise your peace! This ties itself to the point made in lesson 2. Your peace is important! Don’t treat it as an option or a luxury, it’s a necessity! So whatever is not aligned with your peace, don’t be afraid to shove it out the front door. Why? Because it is in your peace that you truly discover who you are! Don’t be afraid to set out time for yourself and spend time with you. Many times, our hearts are so noisy and occupied, never at rest or peace that we often forget to silence the noise and bask in our peace. Embrace your peace. Allow your heart and your mind to breathe. Cherish it like it’s everything.

5. There is completion in patience. Simple. That’s it.

See you in 2020!!

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