2019 has been one heck of a roller-coaster year for many kpop and kdrama fans alike. Taking consideration of this, it is also worth remembering the quality comebacks we’ve had throughout the year. In this post, I’ll be taking you through some of my favourite kpop comebacks and songs released in 2019!

20. AB6IX- Breathe

19. The Rose- Red

18. ATEEZ- Wonderland

17. Itzy- Dalla Dalla

16. Woosung- Face

15. Stray Kids- Double Knot

14. Astro- Blue Flame

13. Jackson Wang- Bullet to the Heart

12. Super Junior- Super Clap

11. Monsta X- Someone’s Someone.

10. Day6- Time of our Life.

9. Twice-Fancy

8. Everglow- Bon Bon Chocolat

7. SuperM- Jopping

6. TXT- Run Away

My Overall Top 5 Comebacks

My top 5 is derived after assessing my listening rate and habit of the overall albums and songs listened here. This means these are comebacks that in each album i never skipped a song and watched all the promotion materials (music shows, variety & reality shows etc) more than once. The songs in this comebacks are songs that still remain on repeat on my playlist every day.

5. Stray Kids- Miroh

Stray kids are a group that keeps getting better and better each comeback, which is evident in how revolutionary their sound becomes. I particularly enjoyed the energy and power Miroh had, as well as the heavy message the song held, which is a key theme you get with each and every one of stray kids songs. Miroh was my first stray kids comeback and i haven’t turned back since then!

4. ATEEZ-Wave

Ateez went ahead and gave us the perfect summer song. We got a fresh look and a different vibe from Ateez, showing us how truly versatile their sound is. A very smart move, using the famous ‘Hakuna Matata‘ catchphrase to pass across the entire message with the song. They’d clearly stepped out of their comfort zone with this one, and it was definitely, definitely a hit!

3. GOT7- Eclipse

This song embodied the entire emotion, vibe and message of GOT7’s ‘Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity’. GOT7, again, were not afraid to show vulnerability and versatility in their sound, proving once again how truly open and experimental they are with their sound. This comeback takes you on a journey, from the first song right until the last and listeners easily get caught up in the message the entire album aims to pass across.

2. BTS- Boy with Luv

BTS with this comeback were not afraid to go to the extreme in their sound and the quality of music produced. I thoroughly enjoyed this comeback, having a great mix of vocals, quality visuals and choreography. The Halsey feature on the title song ‘Boy with Luv’ was a brilliant move, where Halsey’s voice perfectly blended with the genre of music and the overall sound!


Again, GOT7 moves to wow Ahgases on their versatility as artists. You Calling my name is a very suave song, with GOT7 getting it right on the R&B vibe. From the leather suits to the falsettos and rightly pitched tempo, GOT7 100% delivered on this one and I couldn’t be any more proud of them! Like they say, this was a nonchalantly exceptional comeback!

Sleek. That’s it, That’s the tweet. This was definitely GOT7’s sleekest and best comeback to date.

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