Piece by Kanyinsolami Netufo

The month is somewhat insulting
I don’t get to celebrate it in my college
Not cause it’s not allowed, but I know no one cares.

I’m not the biggest fan of black history month
People don’t pay attention to it
Well, only black people do.
And unfortunately we aren’t the target audience.
Well come to think of it, Why aren’t we ?
Why do we hold this month ?
To educate people that aren’t listening.

If you follow my social media or spoken to me for 5 minutes, you would know my standards,
You would know what I believe in,
You would know my thirst for power for the African continent.
“Collective success” is what I call it
As I believe a number of individual black people have made ways for themselves in their different fields but I don’t see the impact on how we are seen by society
This is because just like me, they are shouting without a voice.

We are many shouting
But only few of us are heard
And no one is listening
A few of us are making it but it means nothing, when a majority are not
Wait, why do we even need to prove ourselves ?
I don’t see any other race working twice as hard to be half as seen and still ignored
Why do we have to work for our humanity
Aren’t you all exhausted ?

Why is this important to me ?
Why black people ?
I know my race, I stand by it solely, I embrace my identity
Although, it’s an identity I can’t hide away from, especially so far away from home
That’s all people see
And sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

But why is it most important to me ?
That’s because I have given up on trying to make them see us
I don’t want that anymore
I want them to struggle to try to get us out of their view

So even without speaking, they know what we’re saying
That’s what I want for my black people
We’ve suffered enough
So much so that they’ve torn us apart from each other
Slavery divided us but a lot more kept us apart
But that’s a different entry altogether.

It’s the same story
I’m done begging them to hear
Treat us as equals
We just need to rise collectively so we aren’t begging for equality anymore
We’re taking it

I promise you I’m not shouting, it’s just my voice
It’s no longer can you hear cause you think I’m shouting
So you obviously can hear me
But it’s if you’re listening
I’m shouting without a voice
Screaming without an impact

In my fight I struggle
I feel like an annoyance
No one wants to listen to me
They assume I’m problematic
Because I have a heavy heart
Why won’t my heart be heavy
You don’t understand the pain I’m feeling
The tears I’m holding back
The tears starting to fall
The tears I’ve wiped off

I’ve been posting everyday trying to make you understand my dream
Try to feel my pain
And everything in between
But you’re not listening to me

Then I finally hit my breaking point
I finally lost my strength
The moment I realised
I’m still shouting without a voice

Contributor: Kanyinsolami is medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI).

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