The Wait

You’ve heard many people say they waited, they waited on God before He came through in whatever situation. But what does this wait actually mean and what does it actually mean to wait on God? In this post I take you through what waiting on God entails in reality and my personal tips and strategies that have worked for me in getting through this period. I also touch on things I have done whilst waiting on God, which allowed me get the full experience of and appreciate completely, the waiting period.

What is The Wait?

The wait is the humanly dreaded period between the yes and the no. To different people, it could mean different things depending on the journey God wants to take them through. It’s God’s process, God’s middle ground. The pruning and the taming. It’s the period of sacrifice, the period of inconveniencing service to God. It’s the period God uses to make you understand the importance and necessity of what you’ve prayed so desperately for. It is the time God uses to remind you and let you know that at the end of the road, at the time of the yes, only Him and Him alone can take the glory for it.

And truth be told, sometimes we hear God’s ‘wait’ as ‘no’. Or rather we choose not to hear the wait and by our own selves decide for God and say no. In doing so we limit God and limit what he is capable of doing. In doing so we in so many ways displease God with impatience and in a reach say we don’t love God. Let’s think about it, God is love and in 1 Corinthians 13, which describes the character of God, verse 4: ‘Love endures all and is patient…’(AMPC). So let’s go out on a reach and conclude that your disregard for God’s wait is essentially saying you don’t love God.

Why is the wait important?

As reiterated before, it is a building process. The wait is an intense journey of spiritual growth God takes you on at a point in your Christian journey.

We sometimes underestimate God and put him in the shoes of an earthly magician, expecting after a few ‘abracadabra’s and incantations, *poof* all your problems have gone and you’re automatically problem free. Or maybe we begin our Christian walk in this mind frame. Ecclesiastes 3 is probably the best chapter I can think of, off the top of my head to drive in this point. It talks about God’s time and the importance of sitting and staying in God’s own time. There is a time for everything and God indeed, makes everything perfectly beautiful in his own time.

The importance of the wait period is best illustrated with the story of a butterfly. A butterfly doesn’t become that beautiful aesthetically pleasing creature it is all in one day. Rather, it starts off as an ‘ugly’ unassuming caterpillar. But God knows from a caterpillar it would become a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t know this, all it knows is that ‘why are all other animals more beautiful and desirable than I am? Am I not valuable?’. Instead, the caterpillar goes through a journey of self discovery, it’s own waiting period before it becomes the beautiful butterfly that it is.

While you Wait…

Get busy. Occupy yourself. Someone once said it is not when you have problems that you give up on God, so let’s apply this logic here. It’s not when you’re waiting on God that you give up on him. Rather it’s when you seek God out more, replenish your spiritual energy, renew your faith, refuel your fire!

I started re-Reading Ecclesiastes recently and each time I find myself going back over and over again to chapter 3, as mentioned previously. The first verse: ‘There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens’ (AMPC). Then it goes on to give various examples, a time to do this and a time to do that. I think what’s interesting for me here and what I tend to always come back to is, for instance, there’s a time to be born and a time to die. So what happens between the time in between? Similar I’d you look at it from verse 4: ‘a time to weep and a time to laugh?’ The bible confirms that there’s a time for everything so that means we can rightly say that there is a time to wait, I.e. the time in between weeping and laughing. It is this confirmation that I console myself with, whenever I find myself in the period of waiting. And it is in this confirmation that I find my strength usually, that indeed God is placing me in the right direction during this time of waiting.

So what do I mean by get busy? Don’t just sit around, moping, getting angry with God or outright you complaining. Granted, this may be the natural human instinct, but it is left to us to require our minds back into the spiritual and get busy with God! Some people go on spiritual retreat, some continue on their regular routines with renewed strength, it’s entirely up to you! I’m guilty of usually taking on too many projects (both spiritual or school or personal) and usually end up burning out, but it works!

My prayer is that you experience the fullest of God’s growth during your period of waiting!

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