An Introduction to my ultimate Kpop Groups and Soloists.

1. GOT7: Also Known as Savage7, Godtier7, Visual7. Often accredited as Spoiler7.

Fandom: Ahgase (iGOT7s) or shoebills (as christened by savage Jinyoung).

I found GOT7. That was an ordained meeting. GOT7 for me have become my safe haven. At this point I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t find or Stan them. Their music stands out and speaks volumes to me. I think what really makes GOT7 stand out to me is their unwillingness to make mediocre songs or ‘crowd-pleasers’. They are versatile and are not afraid to delve into new and unpopular genres, that grows on you l. GOT7 also have 7 very distinct colours, which are obvious from the boys very different personalities. What’s interesting is the way we see all those 7 distinct colours come together to form one unique colour, yet appreciating their distinctiveness.

I must commend Jaebeom (JB) (of course, this is not just because he’s my bias or anything 😌). His versatility in making music is peak. His vocal dexterity and strength speaks of his technique.The vocalists are peak and very strong. My main vocal, Youngjae. Wow. A complete power house. Jinyoung and Yugyeom. Wow. My AmeriThaiKong Rapline. Mark. Jackson. BamBam. Present: YOU: My first and favourite GOT7 comeback. It was at this moment I knew that GOT7 was my ultimate group. Others were there, but GOT7 was at the top tier. Let me be honest, I struggled to pick a bias. Here’s why. But low-key, IM JAEBEOM has had my heart from Day one! GOT7 is my forever.

All time favourite song: YOU ARE

All time favourite album: 7for7

2. Stray Kids: Also Known as Monster Rookies, SKZ.

Fandom : Stays.

Stray kids are my 2nd ult for many reasons. For one, they’re my ultimate favourite 4th generation idols. Starting from 3RACHA, probably (and arguably) the most talented producing unit in the 4th generation Kpop. What is really distinct with Stray kids is the message they really bring with every comeback and every song they release. From 3RACHA’s mixtapes, some of my personal favourites being broken compass, 42, small things, runners high and start line. Stray Kids songs usually cover a number of the themes we (Generation Z & Millenials) generally face in the 21st century to detail. This ranges from songs about depression (Hellevator, Voices) to self-motivation (Grow up, Get Cool) to handling the changes time brings and growing up (Young wings, 19, Chronosaurus, M.I.A) and even about insomnia! The list is endless, but my point is, they are very much aware of these issues and are not afraid to create a song from these themes.

Monster rookies! Stray kids have been making waves since they debuted, setting goals and exceeding these goals. I love how dedicated they are to stays! Like literally, we get Vlives whenever anything happens, regardless of the time and location. 찬이의방, 막내의사생활, and others. It’s really warming to know that for most of the time, we’d get content from stray kids and I personally I’m grateful for that. And as usual, I get bias wrecker practically every comeback😂. Yes, I’m double biased (Changbin and Hyunjin or Changjin), with the rest of the members taking turns on my bias wrecker list (currently is Lee Know).


All time favourite song: Hellevator & My Pace.

All time favourite Album: I Am: WHO

3. Day6: Also Known as Coming-for-my-wigs.

Fandom: My Days

A group that has no bad songs. They’re not about that industry thank you very much! One thing I really love about Day6 is the difference with their vocals and the way they play their vocal strength to particular songs. Sungjin’s sexy raspy tone, YoungK’s vocal range and dexterity. My.Gosh. The slurred and deliberate airiness with Jae’s tone. Wonpil’s pitch and the innocence with his tone. Dowoon’s deep range and depth. Simply put, Day6 are vocal legends! For instance, Colors would not be colours without Sungjin and Wonpil on that chorus! I Wait would not be I wait without Jae’s ‘Ah Wae’ at the beginning. Better Better would not be it without YoungK on the chorus. Beautiful Feeling and Dowoon’s solo and the song climax. And beautifully, I’ll Try would be now where as good as it is without the beautiful harmonising without the instruments bit towards the end.

Like really, is it possible to listen to a Day6 album and skip any song? Cause I definitely do not know how to do this. All the songs on every album has its own pull, it’s own attraction. Some of my favourite are: I Need Somebody, Better Better, Colours, I would, Freely, Beautiful Feeling, Shoot Me and I smile.

(Forgive the heavy JYP bias😂)

4. BTS:

Fandom: ARMYs

When I say Global Domination you say? If you’re in this 21st century and haven’t heard of BTS then where have you been?

What I love about BTS is how hard they’ve worked their way to the top. Added to this is their unwavering dedication to remain themselves amidst their global popularity. They didn’t just ‘happen’, the way some media portrays it. BTS have worked hard, had resilience and persevered right from Day 1 and beat all the odds against them. . They threw away the myth that if you’re from a small company you can’t be successful.

BTS was the first group that got me into K-pop about 2 and a half years ago. They’re a pleasure to always listen to and their songs always send a peculiar message especially on loving yourself. Loving yourself even when it feels no one else around you does and loving yourself as the first step to even being able to love others. I struggled in the first few months to choose a bias as my bias kept changing. Some days Namjoon. Some days Jin called out to me, others it was Suga, or Hobi. The final struggle cane down to our precious 막내 line: Kookie, Jimin and Tae. Nevertheless, I remained an OT7 Stan and Jimin nicely warmed his way to became my bias.

Once again ladies and gentlemen, BTS!


Fandom: Atiny

ATEEZ are my next favourite 4th generationers. Again, they also debunk the myth of ‘big company success’. Coming from a small company, they’ve made their own path and are living and enjoying their created path successfully! The first time I’d gotten into ATEEZ, I was mindlessly following their ‘tour and showcase’ presence. I’d also had Treasure on my everyday playlist for a couple of months before I even properly knew who they were.

The time I’d really gotten into ATEEZ was in the period leading up to their Wave and Illusion comeback. I’d seen the performance preview for both songs and also religiously voted for the song I’d wanted as the title song. And after both videos were dropped, I fully got into ATEEZ! Jongho, San, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang and Wooyoung’s vocals-out of this word!!! Rap line-Mingi (MY BIASSSSSS) and HongJoong!!!! They are such beautiful and powerful rappers it’s amazing! And then the dance/performance line- Wooyoung, Yunho and Yeosang!! Absolutely powerful! And their choreographies are aesthetically pleasing!

ATEEZ release bops. No questions or 2 ways about it!


6. SuperM: Also Known as Avengers of K-Pop.

Some people might say that having SuperM on this list is too early but I don’t care. Wow Super M!!!! With SuperM I get a bit of EXO, SHINee, NCT and WayV sounds. But it doesn’t stop here, imagine having this combination and getting a completely new sound! That’s what SuperM brings, it combines the strengths of these mentioned groups and forms a new and refreshing sound. It’s like mixing 4 existing recipes to create a new and very different recipe and taste. You still get those existing recipes but them being all mixed together is something new. I know I’m rambling, but ultimately, this is what you get with SuperM.

They’re still relatively new as a mix, but I’m super excited (see what I did there 😂) to see what plans they have up their sleeves!

7. EXO

Fandom: EXO-Ls

EXO is a group with many strong vocalists and I think the strength of these vocalists hold the group. And let’s be honest, they have really catchy songs. For me, what I usually use as a measuring stick for when I fully get into a group is once I go beyond the title songs and into the b-sides, Japanese and so on. Baekhyun’s and Kyungsoo’s riffs and runs and then Chen with those high notes! One thing I’d give SM is that they definitely know how to create memorable groups (and again, this is solely MY OWN opinion).

Because that’s one thing EXO is. Very very memorable.

8. SHINee: Also known as 5HINee!

Fandom: SHAWOLs (‘SHINee World’)

Another one of my favourite 2nd/3rd generation idols. One thing I really really love about SHINee is their concepts with each album they release. Their concepts are actually quite unique and they match the songs in the album very well. I’d say my favourite concept is the Retro theme with 1 of 1 and the title song. And also worth mentioning is, would I call it the ‘fox’(?) theme with the Story of Light album. I swear I listened to every single song on the story of light trilogy, from ep 1 to the epilogue. My favourite songs on the album were Good Evening, I want You, Who awaits for Love, Tonight, Our Soave, Chemistry and Lock you Down! Another thing I love is the ‘SHINee’ sound they have. Now it doesn’t matter the genre or type of song or album it is, you still get the constant SHINee sound.

5HINee Forever!💚

9 . SUJU (Super Junior)

Fandom: E.L.Fs (Everlasting Friends)

I first got drawn fo Super Junior when I’d watched ‘Super Returns’ during the preparation for the black suit comeback. Hands down, SUJU have worked their way to become my favourite 2nd/3rd generation idols. They’re energetic, funny together, extremely hardworking and very talented.

Soloists: [No order of preference]


Are you really a GD fan if your sad hours don’t include ‘Untitled, 2014’? Even the title of the song correctly grasps the heaviness that comes with the lyrics. GD is an artist-a writer, producer, rapper and entrepreneur. I really started enjoying GD as an artist and a soloist when I’d sort of gotten into BigBang.

This is my favourite GD look and hair!

Some of my favourite GD solo songs are Untitled, 2014 (of course), Crooked, 개소리 and Heartbreaker.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang really is a force to be reckoned with! Another completely self-producing soloist. He established his own label (Team Wang) and has a direct input into everything that goes on with his singles and collaborations.

His recent single, ‘Bullet to the Heart’ definitely has become my favourite single. In Bullet to the Heart you sort of understand Jackson Wang and the story he’s gone though to get to this point he is.


Taemin is a presence. Whooshhhhh. Our Maknae from SHINee and SuperM centre has already created an air for himself, that you have no choice but to get sucked in into it. An amazing singer, dancer and performer (like who doesn’t get blown away by his live performances tbh).


One thing I really enjoy about Woosung is his voice. His voice is probably one of the most distinct and unique voices for me in K-pop. It’s an unexpected voice. The first time I’d listened to ‘Sorry’ by the Rose, I fell in love with the song from the first note and the way he carried the song through. And then Red.

When Woosung released his album, Wolf, it was an album that was definitely up his alley! It was a sound that was just made for Woosung.

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  1. I’m extremely glad you mentioned Woosung!!!! Girllll we are soulmates😚 also Yaaaassss StrayKids, our kings>>>>>>>> GOT7😣😣😣😣
    ALl in all this list was beautifully written, concise and respectful! GD is toptier!!! You love crooked too?!! Let’s cry together 😭😭😭😭

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    1. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 An actual mood🙌🏾🙌🏾 Thank you baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️


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