The Mind’s Battle

img_2448The mind is the most powerful weapon every human has. It has the power to make, to destroy and command things to existence. The minds is a great controller of many things. Before anything comes into actuality, we first see it in our mind’s eye and picture it from inception to reality first through our imagination. This is why the first place the devil brings attack from is from the mind, and the first place God wants us to have peace from us in the mind.

Let’s establish some form of background story to this first. It may come off as a digression, but bear with me, i want to make a point. 2 years ago I listened to a podcast by Joseph Prince that changed my life and my entire outlook on life and it would only be right for me to share it with you all. So in Genesis 3:18-19 during the fall of man, God said to man ‘in sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread…’ What Joseph Prince’s message taught me is that the sweat from the head symbolises unrest of mind. Essentially, work that God created as a gift became somewhat like a curse, and something that would create sweat, worry, unrest. However when Jesus came later in the New Testament and was on the cross, a crown of thorns was placed again on the head. What can we pick from here? THE HEAD IS IMPORTANT. More-so, A CROWN OF THORNS- thorns cause pain, restlessness and worry, yet Jesus wore this as a crown. Thus, Jesus took all the minds battle away from us the moment he wore that crown of thorns. What started at the garden of Eden ended at Gethsemane and Golgotha.

Thus, Jesus took all the minds battle away from us the moment he wore that crown of thorns. What started at the garden of Eden ended at Gethsemane and Golgotha.

Now coming back to the minds battle, God knows that we are human and so as long as we are still in this flesh, we remain susceptible to the devils attack and our minds own strongholds. So yes, the mind is a stronghold amidst many things, and I’d explain why I make this statement over the course of this post. This is why dealing with this stronghold is a constant and consistent theme throughout the New Testament. So what is a stronghold? It is a PLACE where a particular cause or belief is STRONGLY UPHELD or defended. What does this mean? We as human beings hold many beliefs and opinions so strongly that nothing can re-convince us or break it. Good most times, but when it starts to limit God, it becomes detrimental.


So why do I describe the kind as a stronghold? The mind becomes a stronghold when we start to rationalise and believe a lie that Satan establishes in our thinking. As such, we rationalise it so much to an extent that we consider it true when it is in fact false. The devil uses many tricks and forms to this, so perfectly conceived so that we do not notice that it comes directly from the devil. The devil suggests something to us and we then go on to see it in our minds eyes. His arguments are usually plausible and always appealing to the human thinking. For instance the fear he can plant concerning our thinking just screams ‘can this thing be possible’, instead of the faith that says ‘it is so’, which we should be exercising. One of Satan’s tactics is mental warfare and he does this causing a battle to rage in our mind that keeps us feeling accused and intimidated. The devil reminds us of our past and plants evil and unnecessary imaginations in our heart through our mind’s eye, which we should not allow.

The greatest negative effect of strongholds and subjecting ourselves to strongholds of the mind, is the limitation it carries with it! The limitation is widespread and has a domino effect on our spiritual walk and relationship with God, our progress in life and in fulfilling our purpose on earth. Why continue doubting yourself and asking WILL I EVER BE when God has already said YOU ARE? Not even will you be or you are going to be, but YOU ARE! Remind yourself that what you think, what you imagine and reason is what you will become, so start thinking God! One mystery of life is that many people are stuck within the boundaries of the mind and what the devil plants in it, stuck within the boundaries of how far and wide only human reasoning is. As a result of this limitation, they have boxed God only to what their human reasoning can understand and contain. This is why the bible describes human reasoning as a stronghold, a limitation which needs to be brought to the obedience and subjection of Christ! Because where Christ is, there is liberty of spirit and of mind!

“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And we will be ready to punish every act of disobedience, once your obedience is complete.”

2 Corinthians 10:3-6 NIV

The biggest victory against the devil is confronting him with the reality of God’s words. So whenever the devil reminds us of our past mistakes and tries to throw us into deep throngs of guilt, remind him and yourself of what God’s reality is! The devil calls you by your sin but God calls you by your own name and the name he has give you! Remember that!!

So whenever you find yourself thinking:

Can you? Think: I am

You can’t! Think: I will

Is it possible? Think: It is done!

Until next time!

-Anjola ♥️


Has it been done before? Yes. Many times? Probably. The difference is this time it’s been done FOR ME. That’s what makes it different. The numbers may look small or insignificant in comparison to others, but I don’t care if many others have passed this milestone years and years ago and have even done better. That’s their own pace, that’s their own journey and I applaud them for achieving that. But this time, this is MY own story, MY own pace and most importantly, MY own milestone. So this time I can confidently say:

‘Anjola, you are doing well and I am proud of you’.

Everyone has their own pace, your pace is special in itself as well, so don’t care about others too much and just go the way you’re headed

– Bang Chan (2018)

So Shout-out to ALL readers of this blog! I really appreciate you guys a whole lot!

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