The Process: God as a God of Order. What Does This Actually Mean?

God is a God of order. It took me a while to wrap my mind around what this in effect actually means. Over time I realise God does actually have a standard for each and all of us, uniquely and this standard is achieved through order. As such, because God has a standard, then in achieving that standard God sets an order through which it is achieved. For definitions sake, what is an order? An order is defined as the arrangement or disposition of people, things and situations in relation to each other-now take note- according to a particular sequence, pattern or method. So God is a God of order (hang on with me, I’m heading somewhere😂).

This order is what I like to call ‘The process’. So what is a process in plain terms? A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Translating this back to God, what is the particular end? It is the goal, the plan, the purpose to which God has placed each and all of us on this earth. In line with Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, says the lord….’. However, we don’t just give our lives to Christ, become ‘born again’ and boom 💥 we’ve reached the particular end or goal that God wants us in. No way! We have a lot of pruning to go through a lot of weed plucking and various obstacles to overcome firstly.

Let’s take the creation story to put everything into context. God is a creative God and an all powerful one at that. This means that nothing could have stopped him at creation to put everything-and I mean literally everything- he wanted on earth and in the universe and in the heavens there all at once- I mean he’s God, anything is possible with him! Rather what did God do? He took it step by step, plan by plan, day by day. And with every new day a new development occurred that took him one step towards the goal. Each day that brought new developments also strategically was in preparation for the end goal, for the end plan. He knew what the end goal was and he knew what particular end he was working towards. Let me take that again, everything that happened from the first day was working towards the goal, were all structures that were put in place for the benefit of the end goal- a man like God. And everyday, with everything God created, no matter how small, no matter the process or no matter what happened, God did what? ‘God saw that it was good’.

Process is a series of actions or steps. A series. Clearly within the progression of a series, there could be ups and downs (and yes, left and rights). Literally anything can go on within a series according to the intention of its creator. It’s like making a ceramic pot from clay for example. The process roughly includes moulding, hardening and hardening to create the fine tuned pot or mug. It doesn’t just become pot from clay but the potter takes it through through a series of actions to get the end product. Each process appears even more technical from the previous and seemingly harder. But at then end of the day the ceramic pot is achieved!

Isaiah 64:8 in this same line, talks about us being the clay and God being the potter. Does the clay complain whilst it is being moulded? No! Rather, the clay honours the process the potter is taking it through. As humans, our natural instincts wants us to complain, to murmur and even if possible, direct the potter on how he should mould the clay. One particular statement I like to make is when we give our lives to God, it goes beyond us just going to the altar where the crowd is and nonchalantly saying the prayer the pastor directs us to pray. It is a total surrender to God, commitment of our will and purpose back to God. God gave us free will to give it back to him, and in this same light, our surrender to God included us surrendering that free will back to him, committing our entire life to him and believing and trusting in his own will. This therefore means we are to honour and trust in whatever process he takes us on, believing the end will be what he process has prepared us for.

How therefore do we trust or honour the process? The process God is taking us through currently, is one that would lead you step by step to the final destination. The obstructions, obstacles, set backs and so on are merely part of the process- there’s a lesson, a message and a discovery in all of it, so thank God for it. So we praise God through it and not murmur or complain whilst we are in it. Honouring the process therefore means actively engaging with the presence of God whilst we wait.

When we realise THE PROCESS and understand what the process is for, and what season in our lives the process falls in, we would then be able to grasp the essence of the process. To me, the process has a whole lot of benefits to your personal and spiritual life, and being able to get back the pain and anger of the obstacles and setbacks it presents allows you to see this. The process allows you to tap into the unknowns: ‘it is within the unknown where your greatest potential lies’. It is through the process that we even further get more clarity of the will and direction of God for our life.

The process allows you to tap into the unknowns: ‘it is within the unknown where your greatest potential lies’. It is through the process that we even further get more clarity of the will and direction of God for our life.

Essentially, God orders things in the way he wants them, in the series he sees them progressing through. If we say we believe and trust in God, then ultimately we should trust in his process. In my opinion, the process ends up being like a puzzle we’d never appreciate or realise until we fit the last piece in.

And as in creation’s story, God saw that it was good. So, each of his process for you ARE GOOD!

So trust in God’s process.

Honouring God’s process is equivalent to God in turn, honouring his promises towards you.

Honouring God’s process is equivalent to God in turn, honouring his promises towards you.


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