Hope’s Lessons…

(A piece written during my time at RY Weekend Away 2019)

In tears you sow, hoping for a bountiful season of harvest in smiles.

In pain you work, hoping that the next day would yield more favourable results compared to now

Struggling day in day out, with hopes of a colourful tomorrow;

As colourful as a vast array of bright colours, , but leaning only on your own self and your own strength alone.

In tears you sow seeds for tomorrow’s future, not knowing whether the end result would be pleasant or misery.

Hoping without plans, hoping without goals and hoping without visions.

Time goes by fast, too fast sometimes it feels as though nothing is ever really accomplished.

Time spent, Time passed, time wasted.

Moving from end to end as the load becomes heavier, becomes weightier and time runs even faster.

Weighed down by a sea of ‘What if’s’ and ‘If Only’s’, a sea of frustration, anger and constant near giving-ups.

Why do you entangle yourself in hope rooted on what you can do and your own idealised versions of your goal alone?

Or do you not trust in the good plans I have set out for your life? Plans for peace, not of shame, or restlessness or pain.

Do you not know that I am the one who has your tomorrow right in the centre of my palm, the one who intends to give you an expected end.

I am the only one who knows how your tomorrow would pan out, the only one who knows the purpose and mission to which I have placed you on this earth.

Before you were created I knew you, I formed you right in your mother’s womb with my own special, unique plan for your life- penning down the beginning to the end of your life span.

I am your beginning, your end and everything between it.

I am your creator, the one who holds the blueprints of your life in my hands.

I am your strength where you are weak, your hope where you are hopeless-for in me, there lies your hope of glory!

So look ahead, casting your worries of the now and the pressures of the world aside,

Look ahead and look to me, for there your hope, your future lies!


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