Life Update (2): 2018 Taught me…. + ThisGenerationByAnjola 2019 Journey

First questions first: where have I been and why the lack of consistency? Everything else I’m going to say is all an excuse summed up in one: I took a much needed and well deserved break. From writing, from planning and everything. To be honest, I kind of just stepped back a bit, to see where my Blog was, to where it is at the moment and the potential for it to be better. Also (still an excuse but why not?) I was swamped with a sea of adult responsibilities and other personal commitments which to be honest I couldn’t really get out of.

I’m hoping to get back fully now into releasing a blog post every week (Sundays by 7pm to be precise), God willing, just to re-establish that consistency. I’m also working on a number of restructuring plans and ideas for this blog with a goal to achieve this in 2019. Two of the most important reconstructions to me is:

1. A new feature page I’d be adding on my Blog: ‘Beyond The Mask: Anjola’s Thoughts. The idea is to basically share bits and pieces of the world in my head, my past writings as well. I’d basically be talking about how I’ve had a paradigm shift about life and various issues particularly in my life and show a difference with where my mind used to be and where it is now, through various pieces. With this, I’m hoping that maybe if anyone has gone through the same experience then seeing if from my perspective will help shape your opinion on it. It’s been a big picture since I started this blog and God willing this project starts in April! Please please look out for this and support your girl!

2. The ‘Practical Christian Living Series’ Weeklies that I’d be starting on Monday 25th February 2019. This basically means I’d be releasing a video on my Instagram page (ThisGenerationByAnjola) and sharing tips and ideas on living practically as a Christian in this generation! Look forward to it!

Now onto my biggest 2018 lesson:

2018 Lesson:

Trust is a hard thing.

Trust means having faith, hope in something when you don’t know the outcome, when the future is uncertain where that thing is concerned.

In many ways it’s difficult to trust-trusting men, women, parents, siblings, spouses who constantly disappoint almost every time.

And on a different wave length, trusting God when it’s hard, when things are tough is even harder in the human sense.

There is one thing in particular that I love whenever I’m reading the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). I love the fact that, (correct me if I’m wrong), they build up on each stories, where you think one is ‘incomplete’ in say Mark, Matthew or Luke give in-depth details into that story or parable and vice verse, making it in every sense complete.

Let’s take the story of the demon possessed boy for instance, a story which I would try to establish to illustrate the point I’m driving at. As we know, Jesus performed numbers of miracles as well as taught many parables during his sojourn on earth. One of the most striking for me, was how Jesus tied most of the miracles to faith and the faith of the recipients. In this particular story, starting from Matthew 17, a father approached Jesus for the healing of his son who had had regular seizures as a result of ‘the demon possessing him’ (Matthew 17: ). Peculiar to Matthew, Jesus described the generation as ‘unbelieving and perverse’: …’You unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you?’ Upon the disciples asking why they could not drive the demon out like Jesus did, Jesus attributed it to their lack of faith (v20) or ‘little faith’.

Mark 9:14-29 gives more in-depth understanding on the nature of the son’s sickness, as well as the conversation between the man and Jesus.

Without sounding too cliche, I would thus link faith and trust in understanding these set of verses. Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Let’s pause here for a moment. ‘The substance; hoped for…The evidence; not seen’.

I read and I’m still reading a book (Crashing the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick*), and it constantly grits at my heart, pointing out so many lessons regarding trusting God with my various insecurities, my future plans and my life generally. Steven Furtick said, ‘In some ways, insecurity is the ultimate insult to God, because when we allow insecurities to override God’s purpose in our life, we’re implying that He didn’t quite get the job when He put us together’.

Not to go off on a tangent, it took me a while to fully grasp and understand what it truly meant to wholly and completely trust God and his plans for my life and the future. Because trust meant even without certainty in the human understanding, it meant being completely at peace with situations and circumstance that were merely beyond your control, but in the control and security of a much more higher and supernatural being-GOD!

There were so many times in my first and second year that I just constantly mistook God’s ‘wait’ and trusting Him amidst hard circumstances, for God just blatantly punishing me. I’d cry and cry and constantly frustrate myself asking God what I had done to deserve this ‘punishment’. It’s something I can look back on now and laugh about because now I know better and really understand God’s process.

With this new found understanding, trusting God is just as the bible describes it, when Jesus says ‘Come unto me all you who are weary and I will give you rest…MY YOKE IS EASY AND MY BURDEN IS LIGHT’. I’ve found that with trust, comes some degree of patience which must be exercised and properly understood. As such, patience is not merely the act of waiting, but how we behave, our attitude when we are waiting.

This is majorly what each and every event in 2018 taught me, and I’m looking forward to the journey and lessons God will take me through and teach me throughout 2019.

But for now, ThisGenerationByAnjola is back💃🏾💃🏾

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