‘What Are You Thankful For?’ + Life Lessons!

9E63E9DD-E402-4FDF-AEE3-7B68F2BC67D8I’m thankful for life. For waking up each day and looking forward to what the new day brings. Do you look forward to it as well? You who are sunken deep in the sea of entitlement, disregarding the supremacy of he who has given you life and believing your alarm is just doing its job.

I’m thankful for eyes that see, hands that work, legs that walk. I’m thankful for ears and heart to listen to God and a mouth to praise God (and eat as well of course). Are you thankful for this as well? You who defile your eyes, heart and ears with things that dishonour and displease God, using your mouth to glorify yourself and feed your pride. You who wine and dine with your flesh, nourishing it with things of the world and neglecting the things of God.

I’m thankful for the gift of free will. To be able to make choices. I’m thankful for the choice, backed up with the grace of God, to know, love and serve him with the entirety of my being. Are you also? You who go to church and pray religiously and obligatory, fusing culture and interpreting relationship as ‘religion’. You who sit at the back as though forced to come into his presence, offering no service or labour in his vineyard. Saint on Sunday and dinner for the rest of the week, coming to church just to look ‘Christiany’.

I’m thankful for failures, disappointments and depression, journeys that God uses to draw those who know him closer to him. Do you recognise this? You who blame your service to God for your disappointments, who sever the thread that binds you and God together in your state of depression. You who fail to see the silver lining amidst your failures.

Im thankful for the journey of self-discovery and for ‘His time’. I’m thankful for the nos, for the waits and for the little yeses that ended up becoming blatant no’s. Are you thankful for this as well? You who desperately live in your own will and dictate what God’s will should be in your life, forgetting the greater glory that comes with waiting on God. You who stubbornly close your ears and hearts whenever God is speaking concerning the purpose with which he has put you on earth, desperately ignoring ‘what does not fit with your purpose’.

I’m thankful for God. I’s thankful that he is everything I’m not. Im thankful that he is the source of my existence, the perfection of my imperfection, the strength to my weakness. Im thankful for his continuous chastising, I’m thankful for his grace, I’m thankful for his unconditional love! I’m thankful for his SALVATION!

What are you thankful for? You! Yes you Anjola! Yes you who write these words! Are you full of empty promises and no action in your relationship with God? Attributing conditional praises to God, only when you want something from him? Are you neglecting the things of God for the things of the world?

Yes, you who read these words! Are you coming to God with a thankful heart? Thankful for the good and the bad? Thankful to him for the uncertainty this life presents? Thankful because you know through the storm and the night, he’s got absolutely everything covered? Or are you only thankful when you want a ‘quick fix?’

The bible commands that in everything give thanks. Not in something’s, not in majority of things, ‘the substantial’, or the things God is only concerned with. In EVERYTHING give thanks! The ups, the downs, the not-so-good times, every aspect of your life is worth thanking God for! Why not start today?

Till next time!

Remember- Isaiah 25:1:

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.

Anjola xx

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