Let’s talk David and Bathsheba – Does God Judge us by our sins? || A Heart God wants!

img_3803Hey My Lovelies!

It’s another one!

I’ve been lazy. I’ve over-procrastinated (if that’s a word), and I have no excuse for not posting anything for the past two or three weeks, because the only thing I’ve literally done these past weeks is sleep, eat, watch Iroko movies and say ‘I’ll do that this evening or tomorrow’. As it is with procrastination, this evening or tomorrow became 2 days then a week and so on, but i promise (to God, to you and to myself) that i would make a consistent effort on dropping a post every week.

So today, it’s David and Bathsheba Day! (#Dathsheba from Maryam Dan Habu: IG @mdanhabu)


Theirs was an epic ‘love’ story contained in 2 Samuel 11; the typical love-lust-infatuation story or so we expect to happen: Boy meets Girl. Boy Likes Girl. Boy invites Girl over. Girl goes over, and the rest they say is history. This however, was not their story. Rather; Girl baths outside Boy’s house. Boy sees Girl. Boy likes Girl. Boy sends someone to find out about her. Boy sends for girl after this. They have sex, and the rest is not like the predictable fiction story ending. So what happened really?

The Problem

Let’s start from the beginning. This was the period Kings were meant to go to war, but David stayed back in Jerusalem. Why? the bible makes no mention of this. Realistically, his choice to remain in Jerusalem is a harmless one, I mean he could have had a couple of other things he wanted to sort out back home, or even just decided for no reason at all to remain back. However, the devil decided to take advantage of this decision to remain and cause him to fall into sin.

‘It was the time Kings go off to war…But David remained in Jerusalem’- 2 Samuel 11:1 NIRV

The Intention

Continuing on in the chapter, it gets particular interesting where David sees this beautiful creation by God, undergoing her monthly purification bath,basking in the intensity of the afternoon sun. What a wow! I’m pretty sure David must have stood there for a solid 5 minutes just staring at her in admiration before he finally decided to find out who she was. At this point, we can only wonder if the only thing on David’s mind was scoring this catch, and how he probably couldn’t think straight and concentrate until the deed was done.

‘…He Walked around on the roof of his palace. From the roof he saw a woman taking a bath. She was very beautiful. David sent a messenger to find out who she was…’ – 2 Samuel 11:2-3 NIRV

Once he saw her, he lingered long enough to realize she was so beautiful, and at this point an intention was formed, which subsequently grew and solidified when he asked about her and asked his messenger to bring her to him.


There was no struggle. The bible recorded no event of force or resistance.  I won’t even go on discussing how Bathsheba could have been caught between a rock and a hard place what with David’s power and rulership and her married status and how it must have affected Bathsheba’s capacity to consent. It happened either ways and we can’t change history.

‘…She came to him. And he had sex with her…’ – 2 Samuel 11:4 NIRV

The Consequence   Consequences 

2 Samuel 11:5-17

Bathsheba’s Pregnancy for another man. Death of Uriah. Lies upon lies. Death of Uriah. Death of David and Bathsheba’s firstborn son.

But! Unlike other people who would have given up, or in this modern times, concluded that their sins was too big for God to forgive, David Repented, because it was already deeply embedded in his nature! And there came the Silver Lining with the birth of King Solomon.


When we go through this story, buried deep within our subconscious, whether we realize it or not, we feel a tinge of disappointment with David’s actions. Here was a man who was described as ‘A Man after God’s Heart’ (Acts 13:22), who intentionally fell into a succession of sin within a very short while. But that’s what sin does! it paralyses our common sense, and blinds us to what is Godly; all seeking for the satisfaction of fleshly desires. It becomes so bad that the more we try to cover it and avoid the guilt it brings with it, we only end up creating a big mess of things all the while creating a longer line up of sin, that during this period of sin, we forget to immediately ask God for the forgiveness of the initial sin. Even a little sin as the lustful intention formed in David’s heart subsequently led to the death of his firstborn son as a consequence of the series of sin he committed.

We can begin to list all the sins David committed. Lust. Lies. Murder. Adultery. Treachery. We can even begin to apportion who the blame and pass fault to either David or Bathsheba. Regardless, one thing that cannot be disputed is the repentant nature of David and the unlimited forgiving characteristic of God.

God doesn’t look at our sins, He doesn’t judge us by these sins! Sure, the consequences of these sins are the effects of what we do, not God judging or punishing our sins. All we need really is a genuine and repentant heart. See, the plans of God for your life cannot be contested or argued about! Who knows, what would have happened if David had not seen Bathsheba? It is very very possible that Solomon would still have been born by Bathsheba for David regardless, Maybe a different route taken. My point? Sin does not determine the rest of the course of our lives; God does. The Lord is slow to anger and very quick to forgive! (Psalm 103:8-10 NIRV) He does not remember your sins when you come to him with all genuineness of heart, pleading for his forgiveness!

The devil tries to make us question the extent of God’s love in his forgiveness, and so we begin questioning ‘can God really forgive this sin?’ ‘Am I not too dirty for him to have mercy on me?’ Those are all lies the devil tries to plant in our minds to drag us further away from God!

The Lord’s arms are wide open, waiting to receive us! It all just begins with remorse and repentance, then redemption and restoration comes!

At the same time, we should not take his grace and forgiveness for granted (Romans 6:1-2); a topic i would deal with in the future posts to come.

Until then,


P.S: Forgive the length 💕

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