We’re all famous with the story in John 2:12-22 where Jesus chased out those that were buying and selling in his Temple, exchanging money and other things, shouting, ‘How dare you turn my Father’s house into a Market?’. On the surface level, yeah we think okay great, we’re not supposed to turn spiritual matters into a commercial business, or to some, what really is the essence and link to everything else in the bible? But here’s another twist to the story, have we really thought about this in relation to our Christianity and our walk with God?
As Christians, we’re the temple of God, and as explained by Paul in 1 Corinthians 16:17, we are God’s temple and so He lives in us. Now Jesus destroyed the market place because they were doing things that were against what he intended for the temple, and so in other words, they were defiling the temple of God with things that were not supposed to have a dwelling place in his house. Likewise, our bodies are God’s temple and consciously or unconsciously, we defile it when we engage in sin or things that question our Christianity and suffocate the dwelling place of God in our lives.
Verse 16 of this chapter is particularly interesting where John highlights the fact that ‘to those who sold doves, he said Get out of here!’ A Dove is the symbol of the spirit, the Holy Spirit, the third arm of the trinity. Imagining Jesus’ disgust when he saw this, why would people want to feign spirituality? Feign having the Holy Spirit when in reality it is more of the commerciality of it??
Where’s the link? We can safely analogise this with our bodies and our spirits and how God is ever concerned about us keeping it pure and maintaining its sanctity because it is his dwelling place and where he abides, and being honest and true with our walk with him.
Back to 1 Cor 3:17, Paul explains that if any one destroys God’s temple, God will destroy them. Evidence we see where Jesus drove these buyers and sellers away from the temple of God to maintain its sanctity. For all intents and purposes, we can obviously create a link between this and how God detests sin and with careful prayer and willing repentance, is ready to destroy every ounce of sin in our lives so that our bodies can still remain a conducive habitation for him.
My main point? Okay yes we’re humans, if anyone tells you that your walk with God would be without difficulty, they’re liars and they deserve to be stoned😭 (yes, I said stoned, so sue me🙄). One thing we should note is our bodies are God’s temple and we cannot afford to buy and sell (AKA engage in and encourage others to engage in sin and things that displease God) in it so as to maintain the sacredness of his dwelling place!

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